Villains Session 5

Tunneling Armor Suit (Dr. Hedgehog)
Power-suit using villain working with or part of a conspiracy of ex-Lansing rogue scientists. His/Hers/Its motivations remain unknown, only destructive.

Rogue ex-Lansing Scientists (see NPCs Session 5)
Suspects in the theft of a bunch of platinum, waking up AI robots, stealing old droid equipment and stealing several hundred million credits worth (at least) of Etherium bound to be used in biometallic armor.

Armored Gunmen
Three armored thieves who took hostages and were taken down by the team. One who fought Xterran didn’t look as it he would survive.

One thought on “Villains Session 5”

  1. The two surviving armored gunmen have been convicted of assault, attempted murder, conspiracy, and armed robbery. Both have been remanded to the North American Penal Facility in Kansas. Names: Klaus Sente & Wagner Uhlan.

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