Recap – End of Session 5 & The Deal

This is a recap to add to the end of last session some details to account for Chris’ absence.

The battlesuit (Hedgehog), seeing it had delayed for long enough and being pummeled by NeoGenesis’ attacks suddenly began to burrow at lightning speed beneath the floor. Crusader, having held back to potentially deflect one of the suit’s missile swarms, spotted that the legs didn’t hold active cutting blades. Yelling, “Get the others, he leaped, barely catching hold of the villain’s foot and like him, disappeared below the surface.

The makeshift uniforms provided by Vance lived up to their word as a bubble of bioplastic wrapped itself around Crusader’s face, shielding him from asphyxiation. Hedgehog, feeling Crusader holding on, began launching attacks at him and moving in such a way as to throw him off. Crusader
doggedly held to his guns, despite some damage from flying rocks, cutting blades, electrification, and other attacks that were thrown at him. Hedgehog simply couldn’t get a good shot in while still traveling.

(Meanwhile the Team heard sounds of one spinner leaving and another spinning up for lift off. They moved to engage.)

Suddenly Hedgehog used his missiles and cutting blades to blast out a cavern deep within the bedrock, large enough to comfortable hold the two men and allowing them to maneuver. Seeing the situation, Crusader let go and with several quick moves disabled the suit’s missile launcher and damaged some of the digging blades. Hedgehog didn’t hold back either, pummeling Crusader with repeated attacks, most of which he deflected, but not all. It was a near run thing when Hedgehog, quite suddenly, put his hand out and said, “Enough”. Crusader paused and Hedgehog continued, “Do you know where we are? Are you willing to be stuck down here to take me down or are you interested in the ‘why’ we’ve done what we’ve done?”

Crusader knew the situation was a death trap for him. Not letting his gaze leave his foe, Crusader calmly stepped back. “I’m listening…”

The adversary spoke, “While I didn’t steal them for honorable purposes, they (my associates) did. You see we aren’t building anything – we are preventing something to be built. All of my associates once worked for LansingCorp and they were drummed out as scapegoats for a number of recent ‘problems’ the Company has had. Problems aside, one of them found out that someone in Lansing management, likely unknown to the Board, is experimenting with True-AI Unasimoved Androids. They’ve been investigating for months using their internal contacts. They hired me to help them get the goods to stop the project or failing that, get enough evidence to blackmail them. But after the last few days we’ve found they are much farther along then we expected.”

Crusader listened very carefully. The idea that a major company would allow such a thing did not surprise his suspicious nature. But, the fact that this hire muscle would actually show some concern for them puzzled him. “How far along are they? And, do the others have the proof they need?”

“The brain is awake. It is calling out to others of its kind – though I doubt Lansing knows this – or if it does then it is MUCH worse than I thought. A couple of my associates managed to locate one signal that the brain was sending out a week ago and were trying to humanely disable one of the old AI’s hidden under the surface when it awoke and, well you know what happened. Their concern blew their central mission and made one of them dead; not that we didn’t take advantage of the confusion but I guess that was a bad call as well. Getting your attention as it did. We were about to meet some insiders with some actual hard evidence when you guys showed up. If they are outed, they’ll never open their mouths. In fact, if they aren’t already captured, they have fled and gone to ground. But all of it wasn’t for nothing, if you take what we have learned and do what we cannot.” said the man in the power suit.

Crusader looked hard at his so called foe, “Something you should know about me… I give everyone my trust. That trust can be a great benefit and something I hold more valuable than currency. However, the one time you break that trust, you will never have it again…Ever!” I’m going to give you my trust to ask that you get us both back up to the top so we can sort this situation out back at a private / neutral location. Once we do this I give you my word that you and the others will be treated fairly. I don’t mean by the letter of the law… I mean you will all be given a fare release based on your intentions.”

Crusader stepped forward with a small amount of defensiveness and extended his hand, “Deal?”

The suit didn’t react for a time as the occupant thought it through, then it spoke up, “That’s fair and honorable, but I know my intensions and motivations. As I said, they have honorable intensions; however I did this job for pay and for my agenda, not just for some noble cause as much as I may agree with it. They went with me because they felt they had no legal recourse. But, being that I have come to care about my associate’s
plight I chose to let you in on it. Now imagine if this conspiracy within Lansing is completed.” He paused, “Offer the deal to the others and help them and I’ll step back AND I’ll get you to the surface safe. You can try to take me down then, we can part ways and meet in combat again in the future, or we can forge a temporary alliance for this fight

To be continued….

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