NPCs Session 5

Captain Harry Murphy
A police precinct captain in Brooklyn who worked with the Team.

West Cost American Superhero. Arrogant and powerful. Helped the team against three militarily armed thieves grudgingly. However, left with a potential respect for the Team and Crusader in particular. Power of electron radiation creation, manipulation and projection.

Dr. Ray Matthews
A scientist as a minor LansingCorp research facility in Hackensack. While not in charge of the project involving Etherium, he did have emergency access.

Dr. Phillip Hart
A corporate managerial scientist who walking in on Metatide (as Xterran) and Eribos’s conversation with Dr. Matthews. Metatide responded to his anger totally in-character as Xterran – by punching him out.

Ex-Lansing Suspects all let go due to complications from the Archeron Incident

Ronald Darian
Biocyber weapons integration specialist who once worked for Lansing and briefly for Initech. Bribed his boss to cover for his absence while doing work on a centuries’ old AI warbot. Thought to be deceased.

Trista Adams
Security specialist who like Darian used to work for Lansing and Initech. Only member of the group Dr. Matthews personally had met.

Song Wu Lao
Computer scientist and rights advocate. Also worked for Lansing and on leave from Initech.

Sela Kasir
Public relations expert who once worked for Lansing. Now off-world working for a small PR firm on Luna.

Meridith Addams
Metallurgist, whereabouts unknown. Last thought to work for Lansing. Unlike the others, was let go but didn’t work for Initech ever. No recent record of activities.

Dr. Arthur Hedges
Renowned engineer and bionics expert. Has worked for a number of companies. Quit Lansing under mysterious circumstances that hurt his career five years ago, long before the Archeron Incident. Lives in Chicagoplex has a home in Long Island. He supervised the people that were years later let go as well. On sabbatical from Initech and has several teaching positions.

Dr. Angelique Durand
Exoarchaeologist and one of the proteges of Eribos and Orianna’s parents. Visions of her with voices of others are appearing periodically within Orianna’s field of vision. Very ambitious and intelligent, she was friends with Orianna as a child.

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