Just for fun, I thought I’d write up a list of lightsabers, their variants, and the different kinds of crystals you might find, as well as the book and page number you can find them.

  • SECR = Saga Edition Core Rulebook
  • KotOR CG = Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
  • FUCG = The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide
  • TotG = Threats of the Galaxy

Lightsaber – SECR122

Double lightsaber – SECR123

Short lightsaber – SECR123

lightwhip – TotG

lightfoil – KotORCG65

guard shoto – FUCG96

lightsaber pike – FUCG199

All of these options can be available in this campaign. My thinking is that lightsaber design is a very individual thing for Jedi and Sith alike. Since each base weapon is usually highly customized, why not the overall form as well? The above types of lightsaber should cover most concepts so that rules for them can easily apply to your idea of a lightsaber weapon.

In addition, the lightsaber blades themselves can be modified, depending on the crystals used in the lightsaber. Such crystals are rare and highly sought after so unlike lightsaber design which may simply be chosen by the character and either built at 7th level, or in some cases provided by the character’s Jedi or Sith master. These crystals must be discovered via a quest in-game, or recovered from fallen enemies. All these crystals are described in KotORCG pages 66-67.

Bondar (stun damage)

Firkraam, luxum (ion damage)

Jenraux (bonus to blocking)

Opila (extra damage on a crit)

Phond (extra damage vs. shields)

Rubat, eralam, upari (do better damage once per encounter)

Sigil, daminia, nextor, sapith (extra damage on all damage rolls)

Solari (bonus to deflect)

One thing to consider when your character gains possession of one of the crystals above is that these crystals, when used, replace the normal +1 bonus a Jedi or Sith wielder gains for attuning to a normal lightsaber crystal.

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