In Search of etherium or Nap time for Proximus

Session 5

Crusader asked Lake to stop digging after a metallic scale was unearthed. He said the substrata looked like it was unstable.  He said that maybe we could have the scale analyzed and that we should get out of here. 

We needed to find the other area of seismic disturbance that occurred during the robot’s rampage, so we started at the geological survey office in the district of Hackensack.


Erebos called in while we were waiting for Lake to get back. He was back at our temporary headquarters.  Crusader said that we should be back soon.  Crusaders phone rang. Excellent ….Ronald ?… What was the name of that company?

OK.. umm.. alright… Its really boring listening to half a conversation. OK… ok. Ok. Just a second Trista Adam, Son Wu I thought you said Mu Low.  I looked over his shoulder and saw.  Ronald Daria, Trista Adams, Song WU Lao, Saila Kasear, Meridith Addams. 

See where he was about a half an hour ago.  Lake came out and gave Crusader an Address, and then he put Miss Sukura on speaker phone. Miss Sukura was talking about the scale we found and said,” (the) Scale is very expensive… it expands and contacts with an electrical energy field.

Verison medical is a medical supply company.  Lake I think you may have gotten supplies from them in the past. The Lansing facility..

 Suddenly Orianna, started to get out of the car.  She saw something apparently.

Then Crusader suddenly started staring at a news van. There was some para-military group holding hostages in the Mercantile Exchange a building near here. Crusader looked at Lake and said,” Call Erebos and go investigate the two businesses. We are going to stop this new group.”

Lake asked how far she was supposed to go. Crusader said don’t break the Law

Lake said she already impersonated a police officer. Crusader Sighed and then said “Well, don’t break the law, again.” Lake,” OK but that’s really going to limit me.” Shaking his head the Crusader said, “Use your best judgment.” 

We went to the SP command post and volunteered. They said the mayor had called and that they were supposed to co-operate fully with us. They could get us into the building. Crusader said our first priority is the hostages. Orianna offered to try and flash bang them.  He thought they might have some protection given the level of military gear they displayed but eventually gave the go ahead. 

Crusader called Xterran who was supposed to be on the way to help and told him to be here in 10 minutes or we were going in without him then he hung up and set his watch.

We got the Terrorists on the phone. They are demanding a suborbital with guild director standing by to send them to their location.  Crusader told them we would get them their stuff, But that it would take time. They threatened to start killing the hostages now to prove they were serious, they sounded almost too eager to do that. Crusader managed to talk them out of it. 

The SP official asked if he was serious and Crusader said “no, they aren’t going to make it off the planet.”  We waited for Xterran, he almost made it in the time limit Crusader set then we went in.   Xterran looked through the walls and told us where the terrorists were, one was apparently setting up some explosives. Crusader sent him to get the one setting some explosives, he waited a little bit and the said he’s an ass and he probably just heard me call him and ass with super hearing but he’s an ass that’s willing to help and that makes him ok in my book. 

Then we went into the Mercantile Exchange. We both were supposed to go after the same one.

Crusader rolled in and said throw up the visor. So I flipped the visor up on one and then Orianna flashed them. The other one already had his visor up so they were both blinded. They started firing blindly. One shot a rocket and Crusader reflected it back at his friend.  The other fired a rocket at us and managed to hit the area. And I went unconscious.  When I woke up Xterran was offering me a hand up.  Crusader said he appreciated the help. Xterran asked if he meant it. Crusader said surprisingly, I do. Xterran looked at him a moment and then said” I’ll be watching your career.” then he turned to Orianna and said “You need to give me your number. “, and he flashed a smile at her like she was supposed to melt and or swoon or something because he was talking to her.

Crusader called Lake and Lake told him that somebody had been hit and lost about a billion dollars in Etherium the same metal the scale we found was made of.  Etheruim responds to electricity and has a memory. Tensile Strength – compares to titanium

And is extremely flexible. 

By the time Lake was done talking I had located the Building and flown the rest of the team to where they were. Group of people that were investigating were all let go a year ago because of the Archeron Indecent. Something they had done had led to the Archon colony revolting. 

Ronald Darian – Bio Cyber weapons integration specialist. Bribing the boss to cover for his absence.

Trista Adams – Security

Song  – AI

Saila – PR

Meridith – Metalurgist where abouts unknown.

Arthor Hedges – lives in Chicago-plex has a home in Long Island. He supervised the people that were let go. 

We went to the old Imitec fabrication facility that had been closed months ago. A couple of small time security guards shot at us without warning. Crusader threw his shield and it took out both of them.  We kept walking. Lake and Crusader picked up the guns and when we got to a set of doors Lake shot them open and we surprised 2 men to in small armor and one in large armor. The large one told the other 2 to get away. Crusader asked him to surrender and he said no.  

Then the fight was on. Erebos did the shadow thing, Orianna did the light thing Lake leg swept him and I hit him with an energy blast that sort of fizzled.  He hit Lake told 2 little droids to attack Erebos and Orianna.  They both got hit but Erebos looked stronger somehow.  

The battle when on and Crusader deflected one of the droids shots into the other. 

Then he left by drilling through the floor.

Paused.   Down 15 endurance.

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