Adventure Log: Session the Second

Played November 2, 2008

We’ve been traveling with a gypsy group of Cait Sidhe. These friendly, catlike folk have unfortunately been plagued with bandits. Unfortunately, some of this “plague” may have been brought by us. We don’t know why, but it seems like these bandits and raiders have been following us and have run into these Cait Sidhe. We tried to protect them and have killed many of these raiders, but attrition has been terrible. Now all that is left is a woman and twin children.

Now we’ve been forced to flee the road and take refuge in this cave in hopes of eluding the raiders. Unfortunately, we’ve lost track of the Cait Sidhe who’ve fled deep into the chambers. This place seems to be like buried fortress. Ghosts haunt the place and it’s infested with goblins, bats, and worse. I fear for the lives of those twins, especially.

Interestingly, Suulwyn made a friend of this little female goblin. It seems to genuinely like him and he’s paying it gold for its loyalty. And of course I made a friend, too. Or rather, Suulwyn made a friend for me of an old Iron Defender.

Meanwhile a lone elf archer, Lucan, encountered the carnage of the carnage. He observed a creature slaying a female Cait Sidhe and slew it and saved the two Cait Sidhe children. It had a marking (red snake biting its tail), which Lucan copied down. He then withdrew up the hill to a cave where he encountered a silver dragon (Naya). The children elected to stay with Naya as few creatures would mess with a dragon. Bronwyn slept through the reunion.

It turns out that Kestra is Lucan’s cousin, for whom he’d been searching for some time. While Naya spent her two days as a dragon, Kestra and Lucan scouted the area for these mercenary bands.

Lucan showed the party the snake symbol. This looked familiar to Sulwyn. He remembered there was rumor of some sect that supported Tarkis that had this as a symbol.

The cave is a buried fort called Alden Aar. It served during the Great War of 200 hundred years ago and was attacked by Tarkis’s men back in the day.

We decided to continue our exploration of the buried fortress and made it into a map room. There, ancient ghosts manifested (some becoming physical) and, believing us to be invaders, engaged us in combat. Lucan and Kestra were ahead of the party and were intercepted by shadowy things. Naya was engaged by what appeared to be an undead knight of some sort. The rest of us moved in and engaged. In the end we defeated the knight and four spectral, shadowy knights.

The place seemed to come alive with sounds after that. We then explored a hall that had a flame trap that endlessly annoyed and harmed Kestra. It guarded a store room that had a couple valuable magical items and some other treasure. Past that, we discovered an old cell block. We moved on and discovered another room with many tapestries, maps, etc. Mostly this led us to another long, turning hall.

We found more undead! One was a flaming skeleton and a shadowy thing. After the blazing skeleton went down, however, a huge demonic flaming immolith appeared! It grabbed Bronwyn.

Beyond this, there was a Righteous Hammer +2, a Demon-bane long Sword lvl 9, White Flame Chainmail lvl 8, 500 gp, 2 pieces of art (250 gp ea), 400 gp, 1 gem worth 500 gp, pouch with 600 gp.

It took two days of battle to work our way through to this treasure. We then left and traveled overland, constantly to avoid the mercenaries. We journeyed to Mael, a smaller village in Phondath. News of the caravan and the two young survivors had traveled ahead. The grandmother, Asia, of the children was waiting for the children.

We encountered a human there whom the children seemed to know. Barol thanked us. They had rooms prepared for us. We then divided our loot. Later, Rowe was collected for a meeting with Asia, who already knew he sought a seer.

Asia is a very gypsy-like Cait Sidhe. She knew Rowe sought “her”. Asia says the girl he seeks is the Blessed One. “It is unwanted, it is made by choice. A showing of birth, the child shall be marked. Life is changed and fates entwined. Destinies are met. It begins on a morning that brings mourning with children born.”  She also said, “Your destiny is left unfulfilled. She suggested a spirit walk.”

A spirit walk, the young girl later said, was a meditation. Lula can guide the spirit walk.

The entire party opted to go on the spirit walk. We cleansed and donned special robes.

Sulwyn’s vision: He sees a room full of beautiful women and attractive men. As he moves through, he sees a woman with a man at her side. She is judging the beautiful people. One is dancing in the center of the room — a very seductive dance. She flings daggers as part of the dance with deadly accuracy.

Scene shifts. Sees the the woman (one who was dancing) walking down the hall with her man. They are discussing who is going on out missions. “Leandra, are you sure this is what we are supposed to do.” She answers, “How can you even question it?” He says, “It’s such a big gamble! It’s too much to risk over on person.” She slaps the man. “How can you say that about her? It’s not about one person.”

Scene shifts. Sees them embraced carnally. They are lovers.

In other scenes, he see them with other people, and a battle. Leandra is with her man again, and calls him Shivan. They seem to be friends with benefits — and it seems to really work for them.

Last scene. As Sulwyn’s comes out of the vision, he sees Shivan dying to protect Leandra. He looks up (at Sulwyn?) “Don’t worry. It’s not the end.”

Lucan’s vision: Sees human children (two girls) arguing as they grow up. He sees Leandra and realizes in this life he is female, Leandra’s sister, named Jara. They are always there for each other. Leandra builds kind of empire for herself during the time of the reign of the false king. Sees flashes of them as children being grabbed and carried away. Lots of violence. One day Jara decides, goes to her sister, and says “I’m in. I’m with Tristan and Rowan.” Joins companions and there are 7 of them. And there are thousands more behind him. 

As horns sound the battle, he knows something is wrong. Tristan is missing!

Kestra’s vision: Kestra sees two women walking. They are sisters. Kestra approaches behind and touches one on the shoulder. A masculine hand reaches out and says, “Leandra.” She turns and says, “Yes Shivan?” He says, “I have those reports ready.” Kestra is Shivan.

Later, they are campaign and Shivan looks around. He sees a group of travelers. They are close friends. He was afraid of the events that were unfolding and what they meant. “Hey, Evaine!” He is looking at a young woman, strawberry blonde, very athletic. She takes her armor off and sets it next to her sword. 

Evaine says, “Yeah?”

Shivan says, “Let’s put odds on it! When do you think Tristan and Rowan will hook up?”

Evaine, “What do you mean? They are already in love.”

Shivan laughs.

Scene shifts. Kestra sees Leandra. “Baby, for the next half hour I will love you more than anything.”

Naya’s vision. She sees a familiar group in her dreams. He sees the man and woman from before. They are fighting side by side, moving almost as if one. She is seeing things in third person. He sees the strawberry blonde half elf fighter named Evaine. She also sees a human with short dark hair, blue eyes, named Hayden. He sees Rowan and Tristan. Tristan seems to be a high daemon. Rowan is human. He seems never leaves Tristan’s side. Leandra, and sister Jara are there. All these people are part of a group.

Final scenes are focused on Hayden and Evaine. She has the impression they truly love each other. She sees them struggle with expressing their love. In this final battle, there is chaos everywhere. Her friends are dying. Then there is an earth-shattering, “NO!” and she tastes blood. Naya sees Hayden intercept a killing blow for Evaine. She screams. Evaine battles to the death over his body.

Rowe’s vision. He sees himself dying. He is barely conscious. A crackling voice says, “Give it up! It’s time you both die! You can’t save him anyway.” He then hears the voice say, “You underestimate what I’m willing to do for him.” He sees Rowan and the woman and a mountain. Rowan is bloodied and crumpled. He knows that is him. The girl is standing in front of him. There are some thirty troops around them. She calls power and spikes from the ground spears all the men. She staggers from the strain. She then picks Rowan up.

A man materializes in front of her. He has short dark hair, very handsome. His irises have red rings around them. He warns, “Tristan you are killing yourself.”

“I won’t die until I’m sure he is going to live.”

The man sighs. “Then do me the favor of not fighting me on this.” He merges with her. She looks stronger and carries Rowan away.

Rowe feels terrible heat, then something cool and refreshing. Finally, he feels a protective warmth. He opens his eyes and looks up to see Tristan. She is using her powers to regulate his temperature (a fever). She says, “Don’t worry, Zayne’s helping.” Zayne was her friend’s father who died and his spirit was bound into a gem (effectively immortal). Zayne can only come out of the gem by a member of Tristan’s family. He still has some powers.

He fully recovers and sits up. Tristan is there beside him. He says, “That was foolish. You should have just let me go. Now, you’ve confirmed. They know, and he won’t stop.”

She quiets him and says, “Then let him come. I can’t hide from what I am.” 

Next scene. He finally kisses Tristan for the first time and feels her return his feelings. He remembers they were the best of friends. As before, a familiar man walks through, “I’m not going to watch this mushy crap.” It is Torne! He walks through the vision.

“You had a lot of questions,” said Torne. “So let me help you remember what you forgot.” He touches Rowe on the forehead.

Rowe sees priestesses being raped and killed in a temple. He hears screams. He runs into the room and sees Tristan’s father. He sees Jarvis pulling his blade from her father’s chest. Her father was trying to protect his daughter and wife. He sees Zayne scream not, but he vanishes. Jarvis’s men had dragged out Tristan’s mother and Tristan herself at 5 years old. Her mother was injured. This is the town of Carn. Jarvis’s army showed up and accused him of being a part of the plot to kill the king of Arcasian. It was a massacre. Tristan is crying. I run over and take up a sword to protect Tristan’s mother, who is the high priestess of the Temple of Torne. Jarvis laughs at me. I’m only 15. 

Something happens outside that distracts Jarvis. I swing and cut Jarvis across the eye. It buys us time to get out. Help comes to help get Tristan and her mother to safety.

A disembodied voice (Torne) says, “Well now you know why I like you so much.”

He sees Tristan and Rowan’s group do many different things. It included us, Leandra and her sister Jara, Haiden, Shivan and Evaine. It was mainly a series of events, stumbling into things, but it was that day in Carn that set things in motion. There was a prophecy. It is the same as what the Seer, Asia, was telling him.

Visions end.

After many hours, the party comes out of the meditation.

Karma nominations:

  • 1 for Kestra’s and for Sulwyn’s repoire
  • 1 for Kestra getting burned and keeping going
  • 1 for Naya not eating the screeching children when in dragon form
  • 1 for Sulwyn going to protect the children, having had to make the choice to abandon the party to do so.
  • 1 for Rowe for his “disabling” of doors/locks
  • 1 for Lucan for role playing of sibling rivalries.

Experience for the session: 2,490

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