Quantum – Fifteen Years Later

Jihong Kim – Staff Reporter INN

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the Battle of the Aurora RIft, when Quantum and elements of the Citadel, EarthForce Starfleet and the Auroran Militia took on Shard, a former hero and friend of Quantum, who drunk with power made a play to take over the Inner Sphere worlds.  Many of the best and brightest of both fleets and many heroes died trying to stop him.

Quantum, who had taken the brunt of Shard’s attacks, within a year departed the Inner Sphere to deal with the Confederation incursions and brinkmanship of the time.  The incursions stopped and since then Quantum has been spotted from time to time on dozens of outer sphere worlds, continuing his work for the wider galaxy.

When asked several years ago why he didn’t return to Earth he answered honestly, “Shard was a symptom a larger problem, a problem I have been dealing with.  Earth is safe for now but it has many challenges to overcome.  You have to understand that I’m only one person. Others will follow in my footsteps and I encourage EarthGov to support them.  Humanity can achieve great things, but we are still just now emerging from our cradle.  My duty is to protect humanity and life as a whole, not just Earth, and that is what I will do.”  And he is still doing it.

With what is going on here on Earth, we could still use someone like him.  Finally, perhaps we might just have found them.  But in the mean time Quantum patrols deep space and protects us from threats beyond our knowledge.  We should thank this lonely sentinal, few would make the sacrifices he and his contemporaries made.

16 thoughts on “Quantum – Fifteen Years Later”

  1. I heard that after the fight with Shard, he was so drained by the battle and the psychological weight of fighting his friend and protege that he simply retired from public life. Didn’t know he was still out there. Cool. T.R. – Jakarta

  2. Maybe he should consider coming back, I mean we could use his optimism now. Most so-called superheroes are reckless vigilates. He was a stand-up guy. He didn’t take money to what he did. No corporate sponsorships. And the EarthGov administration of the time was far more receptive of his kind. Today they’d likely reject him. I.W. – Greater London

  3. He has bigger fish to fry – The Confederation and whatever secret Shard had that bothered him so much. I have a cousin on Weyland who saw him a few years back helping with some natural disaster. He’s still out there helping those who can turn to no others. D.C. – Johannesburg

  4. He’s a coward. He taught Shard everything he knew and didn’t have the guts to come back to Earth to face responsibility for what he did. He effectively made Shard, encouraged him in his abilities so he could take a back seat and play politics. Poor choice, and no one has held him to account. He should have known Shard was unstable. M.S. -Bangladore

  5. Shard was a hero, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. In some action, Shard gained some twisted insight that divorced himself from humanity and granted him vast cosmic powers. We all paid for it, but there is no way Quantum could have known. No one could. That’s why mutants need to be registed and their abilities tested and controlled, just like the Guild and telepaths. For their own good. N.D. – Kiev

  6. Shard was right and we are just puny parasites in the greater universe. He may have had the wrong way to implement it, but we must evolve and unite to confront other races. Mutations are a gift from the universe, we should be thankful our species can handle them. If Quantum hadn’t stopped Shard the whole of humanity would be one, moving forward with everyone treated as equal, but the corporations, governments and the status quo can’t see beyond their stunted evolution. S.T. – Luna

  7. Shard was a maniac, driven by power. What he said and what he planned to do were two different things, neither of which could have been allowed. If he had succeeded we would be equal – slaves to his will. All would love him and despair. Quantum did the only thing he could, he took down his friend. And then he proceeded to clean up his friends mess and try to prevent such an occurance in the future. I can’t imagine that level of committment. But I’m glad someone has it. A.A. – Ganymede

  8. The area is off-limits. Shard was stopped before he could succeed in him plan, which I think was to release some energy beings trapped beyond the Rift that would serve him – I’m not sure. I think he planned to pull through allies to help him secure the human sphere, or perhaps tap into their powers. Quantum sealed the rift, but warned that it should be watched. L.C. -Geneva

  9. I remember Shard taking over Haven will little resistance. He was powerful and few were willing to stand against him. If not for Quantum, Haven would still be enslaved. He saved us. N.D. – Haven

  10. His cosmic shell you mean? I was there in the battle serving abord the EAS Petraus as a junior officer and what I saw was a fantastic explosion as the ship’s guns, and super powers and Quantum’s fist finally cracked his armor. When he went down, he went down spectacularly. Most of the pieces detonated on the shields of the ships, disintigrated, or fell into the atmosphere. Some of the larger bits blew off at relativistic velocities as I understand. Two ships were holed by those pieces. But, since it was a super power, I would guess that they dissipated. T.R. – SeatacPlex

  11. No, they didn’t disintegrate. I think the two pieces that his the EAS Alexander and the FWCS Delmaire were recovered. I can’t speak for the one held by Earthforce, but the Auroran chunk is in some museum in Eos I think. It might not be on display though. – N.A. – NeoYork

  12. So, is that what Quantum has been spending his time doing, collecting chunks of Shard’s crystal shell? E.C. – Maxiapolis

  13. No, what would he do that? They aren’t the danger, Shard’s conspiracy allies were. I’m sure they have been dealt with. – Y.T. BeijingMetro

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