Proxima Station Email to Dr. Knight

Dr. Knight-

Very important info for you David.  As a quick summary, repair work is going well and we should be able to resume operations within two weeks.  I’m writing this as an inquiry on when you plan on returning.  We heard about the station incident and received a reply from EarthGov and the Auroran Consulate stating you are in good health but hadn’t heard on whether or when you were planning to return.

That being said, I am forwarding several transmissions from your family and collegues from Aurora, plus shipping your things.  You should know that some strange events have been happening.  Just two days after the micometeor incident, a starship was picked up on scanners in the L2 debris field where you had witnessed and checked out that crystal asteroidal anomoly some time back.  Just yesterday we were visited by a vessel claiming to be from the AstroSafety Commission.  Their credentials were all in order, but all their questions centered on the anomoly and who was in charge of investigating it it.  It seemed odd because after they left an different group of ASC arrived to investigate the actual hull breech and didn’t know who the first was.  It seemed at first that their left hand wasn’t in communication with their right.

The first group of agents was led by an Aylissa Kadira, at least that was the name she gave.  She had two assistants with her but they didn’t talk.  She was very down to business and very intimidating.  I don’t like bureaucrats, you know that, but the Station Director is on Earth being treated.  Anyway, once they learned about you they kept asking where you were.  I told them I didn’t know.  They left without leaving any contact information except for a vcard which I found out 30 minutes ago was bogus. I checked our file system and someone had accessed our secure research record during the first ASC visit while i was distracted by this Kadira. Something is up.

Be careful.

Dr. Simon Westphal

2 thoughts on “Proxima Station Email to Dr. Knight”

  1. Reply to Simon Westphal …. & Requests for information from the ASC via Marcus I guess
    on the teams that were sent out and then have him run the picture of the men and women on the bogus team when I get a picture of them.

    Dear Simon,

    Thank you for that important update on the repair work being done to the station. I am sorry to say that I have no idea WHEN I am going to be able to get back to tell you the truth I am not even sure why I was sent here in the first place, so far no one has really talked to me about anything but I pretty much just arrived. I actually got to see the new hero group that has been in the news lately. I don’t know if you have seen any of the broadcasts out there so I have attached them to this letter. I will send you word when I know more.

    Thank you for forwarding my mail and sending me my things, if you could send a note on to my family that I am ok and safe on earth I would appreciate it.

    The news about the ASC team is most disturbing, I will have to see if I can find anything about agent Aylissa Kadira. If you could send a picture of the two teams maybe I can sort things out on this end.

    Thanks for being Such a good friend Simon

    Take Care

    Dr. David Knight

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