Session 4 Lunch is served or almost meeting the Mayor

We were having lunch and I was showing everyone the letter we got from the telepath that was hurt on the Luna colony, when our meal was interrupted by Special Agent Ellison and his assistant, Maria Truwell. They arrived to tell us that Dreamslayer was moved to a location in Long Island and currently has the mind of a vegetable. They believe that there is still some consciousness buried inside his mind, but wanted to scan a mind that had been in contact with his mind before the Alien left to use as a template for contact. Crusader volunteered so Maria took Crusader into the other room and soon they came back out.  When they got out, word reached us that the Dreamslayer’s personality had jumped to someone else. They believed that it was a guard but there was no way to tell for sure who he had jumped to, or if he could do it again.  We were asked to go help flush him out with the hope that he would react to our presence.  

So we cancelled our meeting with the mayor to determine where to base our headquarters and went to the moon.   They made sure that the prison facility was locked down and we went through almost the entire population, including the guards and service staff—we were down to the last three people and were getting very tense, when the doors suddenly locked down. Special Agent Ellison and his assistant had been monitoring each new arrival for a reaction, so I guess the found what they were looking for.  The man responsible, I think someone later said that he was a plumber, said something about, “You have no idea what you’ve started here.”  Then Crusader hit him and, well, that was pretty much it.  We were thanked for our help and then went to meet with Mr. Vance and the Mayor.  It sort of seemed anti-climactic to me and part of me was still waiting for the other boot to hit the ground. 

We met Vance, Marius, and Miss Sakura.  Mr. Vance greeted us and told us a little bit about himself and his vision then he showed us a room of memorabilia from past heroes, almost a museum’s worth. He mentioned that he had had a lot of heroes growing up. We walked out another door to a balcony overlooking the city.  Everyone talked about the trust he was trying to set up.  He didn’t want us to end up like some of the other heroes that were basically controlled by their corporate sponsors, like the hero Xterran.   

Then we got a call from the Mayor about an incident.  A large, 300 year old wardroid was tearing its way through the city, currently it was in Brooklyn. It looked was heading towards the spaceport and was going to go through Queen’s to get there. 

When we got close Crusader leapt out of the vehicle followed by Lake.  Oriana flew out and I followed. Crusader hit him twice with his shield and opened a hole for Lake.

Lake attached herself to the maintenance access in its ass.  Oriana hit it with a laser and hurt its knee. I shot at its heavy bean weapon and it didn’t look like I really hurt it at all. It shot a missile at us and we all dived for cover. I think Crusader took a hit, though I don’t think it hurt Oriana or myself.  Oriana hit its knee again, and it stopped and turned jerkily around. It almost looked like it was going to fall but it caught itself. It flew up using some sort of jump jet and  tried to hit Oriana. Lake yelled out that “its ass was blown” and the hatch flew off. We started to hit its sensors while Lake went inside. I kept blasting at it to keep its attention focused but I can’t say that I really did any damage.  It shot but Crusader deflected the shot back at it.  Lake yelled out over the com-link “No one aim at the torso–I felt that.” 

Oriana hit it in the face, and then it used its jump jets and grabbed Oriana.  It looked like it was going to smash her into the ground.  Its hand exploded into light.  It looked like Oriana had tried to blast her way out. I tried to help by using my telekinesis but it was really strong and seemed to ignore my power then all of a sudden it deactivated and Lake came out if its ass carrying a big glowing rod.  

We went in and got the positronic brain.  Whoever did this did it smart and wiped its original systems. Pretty much stripped out, the one remaining missile was new. It was given a desire to escape with the minimum amount of damage.  It was given hope. Whoever programmed it was a programming genius. Suddenly it struck  me There was no reason leave the drives or the keyboards. I started wondering if something had gone wrong or it went off before it was supposed to. 

It walked from Staten Island judging by the damage trail.  We went to the emergence location and found an old lab.  We found another way out. Then Oriana found a body. Then Lake started digging and I mean really digging.

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  1. 1 xp! I think you definately hit the innuendo hard there….”Lake came out if its ass carrying a big glowing rod” LOL.

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