Journal Entry

Summary for Session 4, October 16, 2008

Concerned that Dreamslayer may be hopping bodies, we were called in to a holding facility on Luna where he was being kept. A man named Special Agent Hadrian Ellison, a psychic of some power, assisted in identifying where the real Dreamslayer was hiding.

Honestly, there wasn’t a thing for me to do here. Crusader simply punched the guy out once identified. But the incident has me worried. If there are beings out there that can simply take a person over, is anyone really safe? How can a person be made safe? Once the Initiative is going, I need to speak with Miho and other scientists to see if there is some kind of jamming field we can build. If one of our team is taken over like that… the result would be disastrous for all of us.

Later, a huge robot escaped from where ever it was buried and made a path of destruction straight for the space port. I guess it wanted off planet and it couldn’t be subtle about it. Anyway, we were able to stop it as a team and then trace it back to where it all started. Apparently someone was mining an ancient junkyard and came across it, then decided to put it back in service. Poor fool. The machine immediately fried him. But there is evidence here of a digging machine. I’m going to clear the debris and see if we can find a tunnel to follow. This may have something to do with the strange subterranean thefts that have occurred recently.

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