The Genesis Trust

A private organizational letter to members of the Initiative from Vance.

After my discussions with the Team and the Patrons it seems that the Trust will be overseen by a 12 member board that will meet on a monthly basis. The members of the board will include myself, Crusader and up to four members of the Team or representatives the team chooses to speak for them. The remaining six will be:

Dr. Hikaru Sato
Renowned biocyberneticist and futurist. Known for his firm opposition to mutant controls and believe in the sentience of artificially intelligent organisms as a boon to humanity not a bane.

Admiral N. Marcus Hammer
Retired Earthforce admiral and starship captain. A member of the board of governors of General Aerospace and advisor to VRG Aerospace.

Senator L.L. Clark
Earthgov Senator and former head of the Clark Group a progressive think-tank. She is known for championing mutant rights but a critic of unchecked vigilantism and corporate mutant mercenaries. Daughter of former Senator K.G. Clark – the hero Quantum.

Dr. Weri Kagame
Nobel peace prize winner and negotiator of the Thalassa Accords, finally normalizing relations with the Coalition (Spacer) worlds and establishing the Coalition’s endorsement of the new colonization wave to the Outer Sphere and the Marches.

Dr. Albert Prevost
Former chairman of the Stargate Consortium and currently aerospace adviser to the New Planetary Society.

Dr. Sunanna Vainu
Leader in genetic drift theory and xenoevolution at the NeoYork Cooper Institute. Known for her discovery of several gene therapies that help mitigate the side effects of delta-mutation inflicted changes.

Two members of the Trust will be rotating Chairpersons. The Team Leader, selected by the Team-at-Large will be one. The second will be myself until such time as I am asked to step down, which if 2/3s of the Trust ask it, I will step down without prejudice.

General Trust decisions can be vetoed if both the Chairperson’s agree to do so, but can be overruled by a 2/3rds vote of the Trust. On matters of the Initiative’s reputation and the underlying principles on which the Initiative was founded, a single veto, that of the Team Leader (who also is a Chairperson) will be sufficient. On financial matters that force the Trust to tap the Endowment for resources and not the interest generated, I retain a similar veto to the Team Leader.

The day-to-day operations of the Trust will be run by a Chief Executive who will be nominated by myself on the advice of Crusader and approved by a super majority of the Trust for a two year term. Upon review this term can be extended as required.

Submitted for review, Dietrich Vance.

3 thoughts on “The Genesis Trust”

  1. Addendum: Myself and the others who wish to financially support this team and the ideals that the first Crusader and his team epitomized have no desire to dictate anything in terms of team operations. We are here to help. At the request of Crusader I included the list of the principal collegues whom I have been discussing this project with for the last 18 months. These six stepped up to the plate last week when the opportunity to form a team and see our ideals moved forward. Their reputations are public and there for all to see. The rules of order put forth are based on conversations with Crusader and are open to negotiation and amending should it be deemed neccessary. D.V.

  2. Perhaps Crusader and the team can put forth an ‘ideals statement’ if anyone is in doubt. I think the general ideals the first Crusader stood for can be extrapolated to the challenges of today without such a statement, but if it would make the Team have more focus, I have no issues with it. – Dr. Weri Kagame

  3. It is very difficult for me to give up my top scientist to the Initiative and put her in danger as a Team member, but she believes it is important for many reasons and I agree with her. The success of this project, the NeoGenesis Initiative, the supporting Genesis Trust and the active Genesis Team is very important to me and I believe to the world and the human sphere. The sacrifices and support are worth it, and we look to the Team for inspiration offering our experience as a resource. I believe in Genesis. – Dr. Hikaru Sato

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