Robot Vandalism in Vancouver

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A farm and utility robot factory, recently built by Sirius Robotics, was attacked and severely damaged today by a self proclaimed pro-human group calling itself the Humanity Faction. The terrorists disrupted the power system of the factory, creating overloads and feedback loops within the factory floor destroying over three hundred robots. The factory’s human overseers were quickly subdued by what one witness called, “a band of flying mutants.” Despite the huge damage to the factory and the current production line (a complete loss), no one was killed in the attack. An email, delivered to the Millenium Networks stated the following:

Due to the machines millions died who did not have to. Due to the machines we lost the best of our colonies and became the Spacer’s economic slaves for decades. Due to the machines we are slowly losing our connection with what it is to be human. Due to the machines, life has become regimented and predictable, we are becoming part of the machine. Life is losing it’s meaning.

Today on an overpopulated world, the Spacers do not wish to conquer us with force, but with culture. They want us to embrace the automaton, become the machine. We cannot let them, and we will not let them. Too many died fighting the machine to let us become their slaves again. Let the Spacers, aliens, and out-worlders of all kinds take notice. Let the words of the master Herbert, who from fiction, we say as fact, “Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind.” Let them and all who wish to destroy humanity know that this fight has just begun.

The identities of the terrorists are currently unknown. In response, the Sirius representative stated, “They don’t seem to get it. These are industrial robots, not conscious androids or replicants. They do the jobs most humans don’t want to do, not really. And those humans who lose their job status can be retrained by EarthGov’s education network or given opportunites elsewhere. It seems to be an empty cause.”

10 thoughts on “Robot Vandalism in Vancouver”

  1. How can they be terrorists by hitting a factory of glorified fork-lifts and servant-bots? What’s the point? Some property damage. You know what, they’ll fix the factory – with robots – and build more robots. They aren’t terrorists, their vandals, and we shouldn’t take them seriously. Just send in the SP’s and put these nut-jobs in Terminus before they hurt themselves. S.E. Rome.

  2. Robots everyday are taking the jobs away from humans. We have a huge population problem, and while off-word colonies are helping, it just isn’t enough. I say that the laws on robots and the regulations are eroding and need to be enforced. If a human can do the job, let her do it. We are this world’s best resource, not robots (foreign OR domestic). T.F. – Mexico City

  3. My dad used to be a shipper for a transit company. Now, he’s forced to have a desk job which he doesn’t enjoy or feel any fulfillment with. Some people enjoy physical labor. If we let the robots take our jobs, we all will end up like the Spacers, gaunt, idle, and bored. And there are way too many of us to get away with that. U.T – Kuala-Lampur

  4. Well, they have a point. Just recently two old AI’s went on a rampage in NeoYork. The labor issue aside, is there a point when the tasks robots perform will require unasimoved True-AI again? Have we not learned our lesson? Even the Spacer’s don’t allow True-AI, at least not that I’ve heard of. B.K. – Moscow

  5. Okay everyone, fact check. A robot is a tool, and an android a toy (look at the near-perfect pleasure droids in New Vegas and Bangkok), and True-AI a pipedream no one will allow on Earth. And yes, the Spacer’s have what could be called True-AI, though it is deployed for certain special androids models who require it. And it is fully asimoved. Safe. Robots will never replace people because people are cheaper and more plentiful, they just can do what our lazy socialized mob refuses to do. Work the hard, gritty jobs. Someone has to do it. K.W. – Yamato Metroplex

  6. I think we should let Xterran kick their ass. He’s close, in San Angelas. He’s always game for blowing up the bad guys. V.R. – Greater SF Bay Metroplex

  7. Robots don’t apply for jobs. They aren’t people. They don’t have citizenship papers because they’ve never been born, nor do they have a citizen parent. Without real intelligence they can’t even qualify as illegal aliens. In short, they are not people. They are only things; tools.

    The truth is that this isn’t about robots at all. It about the willingness of employers to turn over jobs to automatons instead of human beings. Robots are not the enemy here; it is the ignorance and the callousness of our fellow human beings. By destroying our tools, we only hurt ourselves. Instead, we should educate each other in what really matters; being human to each other. L.R. – NeoYork.

  8. True, but what is human anymore? I think these terrorists are just another form of racist. They can’t hate locally, so they hate what they don’t understand. I would guess that if you questioned them on their agenda, they are not only anti-robot, but anti-alien and obviously anti-colonist (Spacer). One think they aren’t is anti-mutant, if Millenium’s witness is to be believed. Millenium Networks has always been anti-mutant, xenophobic, and socially conservative in their outlook – note they pointed out the ‘flying mutants’ quote quickly enough. Mutants attacking robots. Two dangers highlighted in one story. How convenient. I.B. – Oslo

  9. I’m a spacer. We believe robots are tools that will allow us to have the time to rediscover our humanity and not be forced to be drudges in the interest of survival. We DON’T want robotic slaves which is what you would have if we were to design True AI. It has been proven over and over again that any society based on slave labor is doomed to failure.
    Eventually the slaves WILL revolt and the society itself stagnates long before that because they are based around a concept both moral and economic of having inferior others do work and not encourage thinking. What robots do is allow superiors to do work, because given a repetitive specific task, robots are superior. The best pairing with the highest efficiency is actually a robot paired with person. The robot to do the drudge work and the human to direct it, robots and androids do not and can not think they can only respond to given stimuli given the directives of their programs.

  10. News Update 03.30.11

    It has been identified that the lead suspect is the rumored supervillian, Dr. Gauss. Known for extreme magnetic powers, Gauss was thought to be only a rumor. His joining or possibly leading the Human Faction has made many in business circles and government nervous.

    In related news, today a shipment of 240 Irwin-class personal assistants was destroyed as it entered the atmosphere, the ship and cargo a total loss. The crew, alerted to something going wrong, managed to get to an escape pod.

    “It was a close-run thing. Suddenly the walls themselves started speaking, turned into some kind of audio system. It said that we had two minutes to get in the pod. I mean, this stuff is insured, I’m not going to risk my life for androids”.

    An hour later, the Human Faction claimed credit.

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