Recommendations for Crusader


First, I want to thank you and the rest of the team for committing to this initiative. We are at an early point and your leadership looks to be the key to moving forward and making some real change as Mr. Vance, the Trust and myself believe in.

Next, I was asked by Mr. Vance to give you some recommendations of positions within the support structure of the Team that you may wish to consider, beyond the CFO/Trust Director position you are pondering now:

1. Medical Team. The Team will get beaten up a lot, there is no question of that. We have access to the finest technology, but it is always wise to have a medical staff just in case. Dr Z may be available but he would need to be asked as he hadn’t given any long-term committment as was there for the emergency only. There are others potentially who would welcome a chance to work with us.

2. Forensics. A group of scientists to help decipher clues and leads is essential. Miss Sakura is quite brilliant in this field – you could rightly say it is her true superpower. Proximus is invaluable with any physics-based issues and it has be conveyed to me that Metatide is talented as well. Eribos and Oriana have some background due to their long association with their parent’s archaelogical endeavors, but the extent of which is unknown.

3. Public Relations. The group is very public, you’ll need a spokesperson for the group. To be honest, you are the best person for this, but there will be times you won’t be around. In this case, the job could be handled by the CFO if they had PR/negotiations experience or you could hire someone specialized for it.

4. Legal. There will be times the Team finds itself under legal attack. Xterran is a case in point. He has four lawsuits against him as we speak. I offer my services to deal with any of these issues and I can retain a firm that holds to our ideals to back me up.

5. Tech Support. Everything from pilots, vehicle maintenance, etc.

We want to make sure everything is available to you up to the limits the Trust can afford and acquire, which is significant. Base, equipment, personnel; all need to be considered. The more jobs that the Team can handle (such as piloting, etc), the better, but the degree of which you need a support team is up to you. I can advise you as you require on this and all issues as Mr. Vance has asked me to do.

Lastly, I know this has been very sudden. At one point you are a group of individuals on a Stargate station minding your business and now you are thrust into a unique and challenging situation that may help shape tomorrow. There are times when all the pieces in life move into place at once and an opportunity exists to take a great leap forward. By taking this leap you are taking a huge chance. So are the Initiative members and myself. But, Mr. Vance believes in you. I do as well. Please do not hesitate to ask me anything, my job is to be the team’s advisor and I am at your disposal.


2 thoughts on “Recommendations for Crusader”

  1. Dr Z wil be approached about heading the medical team. If not then Crusader will as Mr. Vance to look into the other members of the Trust to check on any contacts they may have to set a medical team up. Crusader would prefer military trained if possible.
    A forensics team should be hand picked from Miss Sakura.
    Public Relations… That will be up in the air until The team can figure out who this will be.
    Legal… Crusader will look to Mr. Vance to find this service. Anyone crazy enough to represent us would be welcome.
    As far as tech support goes, that wil be filled as we figure out what tech we will need.

  2. Dr. Z is honored by your offer. He’ll work with Marius and the future CFO to get the best med equipment. With Miss Sakura and Lake Rain around he won’t need lab techs. He recommends having a second doctor on-call just in case, but otherwise he’ll use androids for support because of security concerns for the Team’s medical profiles. Assuming that is fine with Crusader.

    Miss Sakura will look into the neccessity of lab techs. Having one or two PhD students working there as techs would be beneficial PR-wise if they proove to me neccessary. She will put together a list of forensics, robotic, biotronic and cybernetic equipement she will need.

    The Genesis Base is moving forward with a modified location just north-east of the metroplex center on David’s Island. We have tentative sanction with the City due to the ongoing AI Incident. The 78 acre island is mostly parkland with a secure former VanceCorp lab on it’s eastern shore as the core of the new facility. It is blast re-inforced with top-level security. More details soon.

    Everthing else is pending the Team’s input and decisions.

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