Villains – Session 4

The Wardroid
An HKR-021 war robot of mid-millenium that was taken down by the team. It’s brain was removed and is currently at a facility under the auspices of Dr. Hikaru Sato, a known patron of the NeoGenesis Initiative, the Genesis Trust and by extension the Team. What will become of the True-AI inside is undecided.

After it was thought that he jumped into the body of Emmanuel Cortez, it was discovered that he was hiding in the brain of Henry Yale. Yale’s mind is buried in the hust of Dreamslayer’s dessicated and nearly destroyed body. Before going down, Dreamslayer said, “You have no idea what you’ve started…”. Who Dreamslayer is and where he came from is still a mystery.

Unknown Villain(s)
A group of villains who may be related to the tunneling capers of the last month have become associated with the release of the wardroid which it was found by Proximus to be likely slightly premature. At least one villain is dead, killed by the wardroid in it’s escape and reduced to ashes.

2 thoughts on “Villains – Session 4”

  1. The Guild has reported that Dreamslayer has been transferred to their Utopia Planetia facility on Mars. He will likely be thouroughly scanned and diagnosed before being brought up for trial due to his serious power level.

  2. Dreamslayer and Henry Yale’s mindswitch has been canceled. It has been determined that Dreamslayer cannot be safely transferred without risk of escape via the mind of the telepath assigned to the task. Mr. Yale, now inhabiting Dreamslayer’s body, is still in a coma and will remain so until a method of extracting him can be devised. The Guild has petitioned the EarthGov Science Council for permission to clone Mr. Yale’s original body and perform a mind transfer. The Council is considering the request due to the extreme rarity of the situation. However, the mind to body swap has never been completely successful and the Council has asked the Guild and the medical community to look into other treatment alternatives.

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