Some New Insights

DNA may be retrievable
While Metatide is digging, Miss Sakura says,

I believe I may be able to get a partial DNA signature from the ash if any bit of flesh survived. If so, I can cross-check it with what little we found in the droid and create a theoretical holographical-model of the deceased suspect. Even if we don’t have access to the Earthgov SP DNA database, we can do a interweb image search and find potential matches. If we do get access to the SP DNA database, the suspect may not be in it unless he joined the military, federal service or committed some previous crime. But, it’s a potential lead.

Feedback on Distraction Suspicion
No crimes have been reported that match the M.O. and timing of the droid attack. However, one geothermal powerstation reports a brief seismic anomaly in the Newark Corporate Blue Sector. Corporations of note with offices there include Sayotech, LansingCorp, Horizon Medical, IDT Hypercom, and the McCarter Law Offices.

Feedback from the Mayor’s Office
The Mayor sent along this message:

From the people of the city and myself, I offer you our unconditional thanks and I look forward to meeting with you as soon as your duties allow. – Mayor Adina Livingston

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