NPCs Session 4

Miss Miho Sakura
Sakura  officially joined the team.  She revealed to the team that she is physically and mentally talented beyond normal human norms with an active healing factor that can heal her from most anything and could, in theory, be actively extended to wounded comrades. In addition she has offered her skills as a scientist at the team’s disposal.

April Valentine
A financier and long-time friend of Sam’s. Unwanted at her previous firm due to a rivalry with the now-head of the firm (her younger brother), she considered going out on her own when Sam convinced her to wait for a few days pending his discussions with Mr. Vance.

SP Lieutenant Leon Tau
A SP officer at the Luna Prison Transfer Station. Initially reluctant of endorsing the Team’s actions, Crusader convinced him otherwise.

Guild Master and CPS Special Agent Hadrian Ellison
A skilled telepath and law officer, Special Agent Ellison, contacted the team and engaged their assistance in finding and capturing the host body that Dreamslayer was using to hide in.

CPS Agent Maria Truwell
One of two Guild agents sent along with Ellison to enlist the Team’s support. She read Crusader’s mind to find Dreamslayer’s mental imprint and may know the truth of his identity. She agrees to keep secret anything she found other than what she was after. Crusader takes her at her word.

NYSP Sergent Tomas Mulchahy
Officer at the scene who made the call to cooperate with the Team at Crusader’s urging and at the Mayor’s endorsement. Seemed impressed by the candor of Crusader and the credit given to him and his men for helping in the fight.

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