Bedlam in Queens. Wardroid stopped by Crusader and his Team

NYM Newswire-
An hundreds of years old HKR-021 war android woke up today only to be taken down by Crusader and his team. For second time in so many weeks an old AI-driven killing machine was on the loose. This one made a bee-line to get off the planet, heading to Clinton-Kennedy with a single minded resolve and not letting anything get in its way.

Casualties were surprisingly light with 21 SP’s and 18 civilians hospitalized. No deaths, though some people are still being pulled from the wreakage. The android used concussion charges to disperse police teams and focused it’s attention on the primary task – escaping Earth. But in doing so, it cut a swath through part of Brooklyn and Queens, only being slowed down by the NYSP SPIRIT teams, regular officers and the timely arrival of Crusader and his team who were in the city to meet with the Mayor’s office after their dramatic debut at Shackelton. The big rumor is that someone or some group wants Crusader and the other volunteers to stick together and it looks like at least some of them have agreed to do so and were in some kind of talks when this situation happened.

We have exclusive datalinks of the battle. Crusader, who claims to not be following in the footsteps of a namesake but to actually be the famous hero indicated that if it wasn’t for the SP’s effort, they wouldn’t have been able to take the menace down, which they and Crusader’s team did in a short fight at Flatlands Avenue near Rockaway.

SP Sergeant Levi Mulchahy concurred, “It was a joint operation, but Crusader is being a bit humble. It was the team, especially the blonde, who really put the hurt on this robot.” That blonde, who is not named at this time, has been identified as the same woman whose powers of light manipulation made such a difference at Shackelton. She was injured in the fight by drawing the robot’s fire. Others identified were a male energy projector (whom the SP’s identify as the alias Proximus) and another woman who at this time is unidentified. Crusader indicated that the team would be holding a press conference in a few days to explain to the media community and the city who they are and what they are about.

9 thoughts on “Bedlam in Queens. Wardroid stopped by Crusader and his Team”

  1. How many of these things are there anyway? Didn’t we win that war? Well, kudos to Crusader and the team, and kudos to the cops too. That’s a tough situation. O.E. – Brooklyn District

  2. It stepped on my car. Just asking, doesn’t federal insurance cover ‘crushed by war droid from the 26th century?” T.R. – Queens District

  3. Okay, enough is enough. It shouldn’t take the police, superhumans, or even the military to deal with this. The corporations are at fault. They built them, they should clean up their mess. R.J. – Manhattan

  4. Um, that’s like asking the Virgin-Rutan-Gates Corp to clean up the actions of the East India Company. Most of the corporations that build these things are long gone. Well, except Lansing of course, and they don’t even build them anymore. If these things are just waking up, maybe we should try something novel instead of blowing them up. Diplomacy. Maybe then we can solve the problem once and for all. L.D. – Bronx

  5. All I know is that it interrupted me getting back from lunch. I’m on a busy schedule. If these things are going to go rampaging, maybe they should rampage in Jersey. No one would notice. W.W. – Westchester

  6. Hey frakface (W.W.), we don’t want war droids over here either. How about instead of being so provincial and selfish you say something useful and insightful? But no, you are too busy. I think this Crusader and his team kicked ass, and I’m looking forward to seeing them, kick ass some more. It’s a good thing to have heroes, even slightly nuts ones that think they are from the 21st Century. But, I agree, the blonde was smokin’ (Sorry, male genetics taking hold. Can’t help my DNA).

  7. BTW, I’m fairly sure that droid wasn’t supposed to be there. Whoever released it will be found and punished. T.F. – Queens

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