Strange Happenings in NeoYork

Gretchen Hamilton – INN

The Bromberg Exchange is one of the oldest interplanetary distributers of rare earths and precious metal in the Northeast, if not the Western Hemisphere and beyond.  Their security is top notch, their reputation flawless.  It is not surprising then that they waited until yesterday to report a theft from one of their secure transfer facilities on Long Island that took place over a month ago.

What was stolen was a small shipment of platinum bound for multiple destinations, from carbon catalysers to jewelers to a positronic brain production house in NeoTokyo.  Who stole it is a mystery as the independant agents hired by Bromberg have so far failed to find out; however, how they stole it is known.  They dug.

Bypassing the stringent security systems and armored floor of the building, the culprets employed some form of advanced TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) that allowed them to glide effortlessly through bedrock like it was water, penetrate the secure facility, knock out the camera systems and secure their getaway within ten minutes.  Another mystery: the cost of the platinum on the market couldn’t possibly outweigh the cost of creating such equipment so it may not be a TBM we are dealing with.

NeoYork SP Special Agent Gregory Athens make this statement, “If the company had approched us earlier, we could have possibly figured it out more easily; however they didn’t and we now have only one lead, a filled-in tunnel through soil and bedrock that goes under the city and is nearly untraceable.  It may be a mutant or alien we are dealing with, or someone out to prove a point.  It’s too early to tell.”

Further investigation has found that this may not the first such mysterious theft.  At least two others thefts of rare/obsolete machine parts and old pre-war thruster units from recycling and storage bays report a similar pattern, a disturbed area of the ground; though those items are of even less worth, making those reports dubious.  In checking those reports, SP agents said that the so-called tunnel was likely nothing more than nearby disturbed earth and old concrete.  They are not ruling the coincidence out yet, however.

7 thoughts on “Strange Happenings in NeoYork”

  1. Those disturbed areas at the other places are likely nothing more than a larger transport’s landing pad print. I bet if they look carefully they’ll find three more. J.H. NeoYork

  2. Hard to believe such a huge machine in the City would go unnoticed. Oh, wait. I forgot, I live in the MegaApple. If it has to do with digging or construction, we ignore it, unless it gets in the way of traffic. B.R. – NeoYork

  3. Yorkers don’t notice anything or anyone, even if they are offering them free beer. Too busy to notice corruption under their feet. E.R. – Boston

  4. Doesn’t NeoYork have a thousand years of city build up? I’ve heard of strange things deep beyond the Brown levels and Grey levels. They say there is a ‘down below’ even beneath the Red Zone where mutants and alien mutated monsters live. My cousin got lost down there and said people were weird, un-normal. I’m glad I live in the outskirts of a small ‘plex. – B.G. Delmarva

  5. It’s not as bad as all that. I mean, I don’t go down there, but people do work there. What would be the point of living there anyway, it’s only machinery and support personnel. No one who has any self respect and can hold down a job would live there. The government wouldn’t allow it. T.W – NeoYork

  6. I work in the lower Grey Zone in Brooklyn District and I can assure you that while my career isn’t the best one, at least I go home higher up. There are poor souls who have fell off the map and criminal elements who lurk in the depths of Downbelow. It’ a part of life. There are some who the system forgot and some who don’t want anything to do with the system who eak out an existance down there. Now, if they saw a giant TBM appear down their, they’d notice it. But how would you find out, the area is immense. Anyway, didn’t this happen in Long Island? Why would they come to the city? D.C. NeoYork

  7. B.G, you are obviously not from the City. Red Sectors are ‘Commerce’ areas and are rarely called that. What you are talking about is the lower Brown Sectors, more accurately the Old City’s underground (Outside the preserved park and cultural areas of course which are part of the Green Sectors). And yes, the reports are true, some people try to make a life there. I wouldn’t go there. Being a zero sucks. T.G. – NeoYork

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