A Letter to Oriana and Erebos

Transmitted 28 hours after the Shackelton Incident from the civilian survey ship Juniper.

Mes Petits. We received a communcation from a Marius of VanceCorp indicating you are fine and were not hurt in the whole commotion at Shackelton. Mon deus, we and the crew are very relieved! Are you going to be staying on and continuing your ‘walkabout’ as your pere calls it, or will you be returning? We will need to know soon, s’il vous plait as I just finished negotiating a contract for a new expedition funded by the ISX to follow up on one of the leads we found off Pi Mensae that pointed to a nearby red dwarf which could have harbored an undiscovered civilization gone il ya longtemps. If this works out, we will be hitting the big time. Your pere’s paper on the Pi Mensae ruins is getting top accolades on peer review and hopefully will be published within the year. Between that and the follow-up work we are about to start, we may be in position to give up freetrading to support our work and concentrate on archaeology.

Oh, did you here about Angelique’s ship? The Vanguard III mission is looking like a success. I know you haven’t seen her since your mid-levels, but she is only a few years older and now a chief scientist on a Starfleet expedition. I know we put a lot of pressure on you to follow in our footsteps, but our lives are ours and yours are yours and we want you to know that we love you and encourage you to follow your own path. We’ll support it. We pulled into Ganymede for final preperations and will likely be gone for six months up to a year. Please write often and we’ll get the uploads when we can. We leave in a week, so if you do decide to stay we’d like to see you before we go.

With love,

Your mere

P.S. Your pere reminds you that we need the shuttle. Sorry, forgot about that.  If one or both of you could jet it over here, we can get it upgraded for the trip.  Thanks!

One thought on “A Letter to Oriana and Erebos”

  1. Oriana,

    Was that YOU? In the news? Your pere and I have some questions of your brother when he gets here. Like, how did you learn to throw laser beams? Are you okay ma petite?


    Your Mere.

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