A Letter to Proximus and the Team

Transmitted by Guild Master Hadrian Ellison from Lyra el Kadir

Dear Proximus,

Thank you and all of your friends for saving me that day on the Station. I appreciate the flowers you sent me and thank you for your sympathy at this time. The creature that these villains used on me was quite the terrible experience, like a constant scream of pain in your mind. Between that and the mind ripping power of the villain Dreamslayer, I have suffered a serious mental shock. I’m near the City now recovering at the Guild hospital in Westchester before transferring to my home on Venus for long-term rehabilitation. I do hope to recover soon, but a Director’s abilities require a certain stoicism that my psionic injuries currently present a challenge to. I’m afraid my position on Shackelton and my career there is over, at least for the foreseeable future (I checked 😉 ). In any case, I’m trying to keep up spirits and move forward, but before I let you go I wanted you and all of your team, from Crusader, to Erebos, to Oriana and to Metatide; all of you to know you made a fan.  Not just me, but all of my friends and co-workers on the station. On a personal note, thank you. I owe you my life.

Lyra el Kadir

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