Stargate 3.0 – It’s Coming!

The Stargate Consortium has announced that the newest stargate technology – Tachyonic Priming – is ready to begin beta testing.  This new technique will allow stargate fields to create a higher energy state for the warp bubble that ships currently ‘ride’ to destinations that could speed up travel by 50% or more.  A basic version of this technology is already being used by the Coalition Worlds and through the Human Sphere Technology Exchange Program and a lot of effort, an advanced version is nearly ready for deployment.  What does that mean for you?  In-system jump time potentially cut in half (realistically the energy expended may not ourweigh the time saved, but for emergencies it could make a difference).  Out-system jump time for short jumps (5 pc or so) cut in half.  Longer jumps would require chaining of stargate jumps and more transfers; but would cut time.  “Few ships attempt long jumps as it is due to navigational concerns, so it shouldn’t make much of a difference,” said Thomas Mbekii of the SGC.

First roll-outs will occur at the main transfer points starting as early as six months assuming testing is completed successfully.  The Vance Group, which along with LansingCorp, Toyota/Weyland, and General Aerospace are working with the SGC on the first implementation at the Titan-Triton Testing Facility.

3 thoughts on “Stargate 3.0 – It’s Coming!”

  1. This won’t be a revolution because the cost for the energy boost will be far larger because it isn’t partially recoverable like the primary warp field. The energy is simply lost to space in jumps of of less that 3 pc or so. Ask yourself, is faster better? Are we returning to wasting energy just because we finally have an abundance of it? Remember your 21st and 22nd Century history, as well as the aftermath of the Spacer Rebellion. Energy isn’t something to take for granted. A.G. – Washington

  2. I think it is great. For short jumps the energy is still recaptured and I think multiple short jumps area safer, don’t require a Guild Director’s full attention, and can be better monitored and made safer. It is a proven fact that a Director can better guide several small jumps in a short time than taking the time to plot a longer a course. It would be far easier for computer navigation assistance to supplement or even replace Directors for short Outsystem jumps as they already do for routine Insystem ones. H.T. – Sagan City

  3. Guild Directors have always been few and far between. They work with specially built NavComps, not as an alternative. Sure with the right information and plenty of time a NavComp can plot a jump, but not as safely or with anything near the accuracy. And without a Stargate on a long haul freighter to the Outer Sphere or beyond to the Marches and the Rim of Known Space, I’d never trust a computer. Too many variables. J.K. – Wellington

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