News from Vanguard III

United Earth Starfleet – Exploration Division

The Vanguard III deep space mission, lead by the explorer ship EAS Endeavour and accompanied by two liscenced survey vessels, the Hawking and the Meredith, has reached the Rigel System and completed the first stage of Stargate construction allowing for limited FTL communications. After over a three year journey the real exploration begins as teh survey vessels and the launches and probes of the Endeavour begin charting and mapping the system. While the Rigel A system is unlikely to support any life, the Meredith will be traveling to the nearby Rigel B/C Twin star system which harbors the potential for life and/or colonization. The Hawking will be concentrating on the Rigel A system. With completion of the stargate, travel time home will be cut to less than 8 months, leaving a 16 month window for exploration.

9 thoughts on “News from Vanguard III”

  1. Hard to believe we have people 800 ly out. The government needs to fund more exploration efforts, both public and private, and less military. E.C. – Sri Lanka

  2. Why are we doing this? Didn’t they send an automated probe a century ago? What is the point of settling a system that in a million or so years will just go supernova? If the damned Spacers would only open their ‘choice’ systems for further colonization we’d be able to better deal with the population pressures closer to home. Y.W. – Shanghai

  3. As a colonist, I think opening up human settlement in the far reaches is a great thing. The Deep Sphere they are calling it I think. I’m visiting from WeMadeIt (called by the fanciful name Zepher – Procyon IV by non-natives who don’t have a clue) in the Inner Sphere, and while our planet is for some totally unsuitable, we’ve made it work! My ancestors colonized, worked hard and survived. So will the brave souls who reach for Rigel! T.L. – Crashlanding City, WeMadeIt.

  4. I have a relative who is a mission specialist on the Hawking. I know how hard it is for one to seperated for five years (3 so far), but these missions are the cutting edge of space exploration. I work for a great group of freetraders who conduct archaelogical missions as their main focus and I can tell you, life on a deep space ship is the best way to be! T.C. – Currently refitting at Ganymede.

  5. My people only generally explored space, not settled it (with some rare exceptions). Distributing your species on multiple worlds is very logical and should be continued. Space is vast, with wonders to behold and challenges to frighten the inner essence. It is not for the timid. But for the brave, new opportunities abound. I say, continue humanity. X.Q. – Vilnius Grey Settlement.

  6. Before we send ships out this far shouldn’t we deal with the Syndarri and their aggressive acts against humanity? Their Confederation is just a star empire in all but name, and they have us in their sights. T.G. Moscow

  7. Didn’t Quantum and his allies deal with the Confederation? I mean, other than some skirmishes have we heard anything from them? I hear trade talks actually are going on with some of them as close as Haven. D.E. – Maxopolis

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