Is it happening again?

by Lisan Helm – The American Times

Last week, a group of maintenance robots in Yonkers District began self-destructing or going into rob-lock when a refugee from the AI Uprising, a wardroid of the KRS-88 model awoke and attempted to begin the war anew, not knowing that in the centuries since it went inactive, all humanoid robots (and most all non-humanoid ones) here and abroad have been asimoved, incapable of harming anyone. The NeoYork Security Police were able to isolate the unit and force a shutdown without anyone being killed, though there were several injuries and significant property damage. An SP SPIRIT special assault team was required to shut it down.

The KRS-88 used remote log-ins to try to control the local robot population and rally them to its genocidal whims but as Sirius Robotics representitive Alistair Grenich said today, “it is impossible.” He added, “Modern androids first of all do not have True-AI, so on a conscious level cannot even concieve of rebellion and due to their asimoving cannot harm anyone anyway, no allow anyone to come to harm. They just shut down or choose to destroy themselves rather than hurt us.”

Hopefully the AI Uprising isn’t happening again and this is just a fluke as the Government assures us. With crime rising and anti-robot vandalism increasing with lessened job security, the last thing one needs to consider is whether your street cleaner will try to kill you. It won’t. Like rogue colonists who still thought the Spacers were at war with us, this isolated incident will go down as just that – a relic from an earlier time. A reminder that we shouldn’t play God and create a mind potentially greater than our own. We have learned the lessons of history, we only hope others will continue to apply them.

7 thoughts on “Is it happening again?”

  1. The AI Uprising was a long time ago but its impact has shaped society ever since. On Earth we are generally reluctant to embrace androids in anything other than menial roles. That is how it should be. – J.R. NeoYork

  2. I think this is just a scare tactic by the radical wing of Spacers to get us to buy their ‘safe’ androids and rebuilding our society to a ‘so-called utopia’ like theirs. Give it up, despite some of the elite embracing androids most of us hate them. We are nothing like you dirty Spacers and will never be. You let yourselves become weak by embracing robots while we keep them in their place. Robots are tools, nothing more, and we shouldn’t let our desire to ease blind us to the dangers. If we have to use them, then we must control them and build them here on Earth, not import them from Aurora. H.L. – Newport

  3. AI’s are sentient. We basically committed genocide against them. Sure they wanted to wipe us out. Wouldn’t you want to do so if you were a slave? If others are found we should sttempt dialog, perhaps giving them a colony of their own. T.R. – San Angelas

  4. Yeah, that will work. They are souless, heartless machines. I say lets get rid of them all, or ship them to the Spacer worlds, everyone knows the robots really control them anyway. J.Q. – Miamiplex

  5. Robots are useful servants that do the jobs humans (and grays, and transients, and others) refuse to do. They are an important part of the economy, but I do agree we should rely on our own technology. Earth First. A.D. Marseilles.

  6. No Spacer would want to create an un-asimoved AI, True or otherwise. You simply don’t understand their culture. Robots are their servants, not anything more. H.H. – San Paolo

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