Journal Entry

Summary for Session 3, September 25, 2008.

The strike against the pirates that attacked Shackleton Station went well. At Crusader’s order, I utilized Proximus power and my own to infiltrate the enemy ship. Once I was able to knock out a crew member (a pilot, I believe), I was able to move about at my own discretion. It took me less than 25 minutes to determine the layout of the ship and where the alien was being held.

Contacting Crusader, however, cost me my cover and brought Servius and his crew down on me. Unfortunately, I have discovered that I’m highly sensitive to fire-based attack — when I attempted to engage him, he used his powers, which were somehow enhanced mechanically, and took me out.

By this time, Crusader had somehow arrived in the hold with the alien, along with Erebos and Oriana. They engaged Dreamslayer and their minions there while Proximus arrived under his own power and engaged enemy mercenaries at the airlock. After recovering, I joined the battle, but it was over very quickly. Dreamslayer was taken down and Severus captured. Many of their mercenaries were taken out or injured badly enough they surrendered when the patrol cutter arrived to take in the prisoners.

In general, things went very well. However, I must make it a priority to identify a better means of communication. If my cover is blown each time I must report to Crusader when I’m on an infiltration mission, I will certainly be hampered in my contributions. I think there may be alternate means of communication or use of signals that will be better.

Once the NeoGenesis Initiative is in place, I will request specialized training in ordnance removal and placement. Knowing how to set or disarm a bomb might be very helpful in our overall mission.

After the prisoners were secured, we returned to Earth where I had a conversation with Miho Sakura. I was able to confirm my suspicious she was no ordinary human. She is in fact the result of illegal experimentation and the use of outlawed technologies. She is a clone with the mind of an original human, genetically enhanced. She’s exceptionally healthy, strong, and may have recuperative abilities. I did not get into the specifics of it with her; she is very sensitive about the topic and worries that if people find out there could be trouble. 

I will not be the one to reveal her secret, not even to other members of NeoGenesis. I understand the importance of such secrets and respect her privacy. All that is important to me is that Miho has valuable abilities that could help further the NeoGenesis Initiative, should she choose to request joining the team. I approached Crusader about her, giving him a heads up that she does have special abilities and that she may ask to join us. I left it to him if he wished to discover more about her than this.

Crusader and I also discussed my position on NeoGenesis. I laid to rest his concerns about my comfort in being Lake Rain rather than my true self. Lake is who I am, now, and is the person all my friends know. Changing that would make me a stranger to everyone, and I didn’t want that. I told him that the rest of the world can know me as Metatide.

Crusader seemed very pleased with my answer; he’s made me his second in command. I think this has been the proudest day of my life.

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