AndersonValentine CW Finance has a new CEO

Press Release

AndersonValentine CW Finance has announced the retirement of longtime chairman J. Andrew Valentine III after a twenty year tenure steering a company so vital to managing accounts of firms from the smallest startup to mega corporations. All three elder Valentine children, who left to pursue separate agendas in finance, were up for consideration for taking over their father’s landmark role in the company along with three other key members of the senior staff. It was a surprise announcement that the youngest of the Valentine clan, Christopher Valentine (24), an outsider to the industry but an up and coming corporate trader, was selected for the post.

Christopher Valentine had this to say, “When my father took over for his grandfather two decades ago, he took and old firm, fraying at the edges and turned it into the monument of trust that it is today. Now, with that bedrock base, I intend to inject new blood into this ship of finance to lead us into the 30th Centtury.”

April Valentine (28), who until recently looked like the obvious choice for the role based on her successful leadership in sorting out the Lansing-Archeron Scandal, opined, “This is my father’s choice and I respect that.” No word has been heard from the other siblings or candidates.

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