Ashla Saaris

Ashla Saaris grew up on the streets of Terra-Alpha, the capital of the desert planet, Circe. As a young child, her parents were killed on a mining explosion, leaving the young togruta to fend for herself.

During her young childhood, Ashla was continuously in and out of orphanages and foster homes. She would always find her self hanging out with the sloop gang, the Crimson Krayt’s. This rough and tumble lifestyle as instilled a somewhat rebellious nature to her personality.

Ashla always had a lucky streak about her, but the real explanation was that she was in-tune to the Force. So as she entered her teen years, Ashla was discreetly followed by a mysterious stranger. After a few days of being followed, Ashla was approached by a Jedi Knight, by the name of Treisse Halo. And after a lengthy conversation, Master Halo offered Ashla a new way of life, one of becoming a Jedi as herself.

And so the story begins for Jedi Padawan Ashla Saaris.

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