Talent Trees

Because there are now quite a few books out for the Saga Edition of this game, and each adds some really great Talent Trees to the base classes and prestige classes, it can be hard to find just the thing you want for your character. Here is a listing of the Talent trees available for each class and prestige class. While I can’t reprint the Talents and what they do, I hope this reference at least makes it a bit easier to look things up and find them when you go to level your character.

SECR = Saga Edition Core Rulebook, SotG = Starships of the Galaxy, KotORCG = Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, TFUCG = The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide, TotG = Threats of the Galaxy

Jedi (SECR)

  • Jedi Consular (SECR)
    • New Jedi Consular Talents (TFUCG)
    • New Jedi Consular Talents (KotORCG)
  • Jedi Guardian (SECR)
    • New Jedi Guardian Talents (TFUCG)
    • New Jedi Guardian Talents (KotORCG)
  • Jedi Sentinel (SECR)
    • New Jedi Sentinel (TFUCG)
    • New Jedi Sentinel (KotORCG)
  • Lightsaber Combat (SECR)
    • New Lightsaber Combat Talents (KotORCG)

Noble (SECR)

  • Influence (SECR)
    • New Influence Talents (KotORCG)
  • Inspiration (SECR)
    • New Inspiration Talents (TFUCG)
  • Leadership (SECR)
    • New Leadership Talents (KotORCG)
  • Lineage (SECR)
    • New Lineage Talents (SotG)
    • New Lineage Talents (TFUCG)
  • Ideologue (TFUCG)
  • Fencing (KotORCG)

Scoundrel (SECR)

  • Fortune (SECR)
    • New Fortune Talent (KotORCG)
  • Misfortune (SECR)
  • Slicer (SECR)
    • New Slicer Talents (TFUCG)
  • Spacer (SECR)
  • Outlaw Tech (SotG)
  • Smuggling (TFUCG)
  • Run and Gun (KotORCG)

Scout (SECR)

  • Awareness (SECR)
    • New Awareness Talents (TFUCG)
    • New Awareness Talent (KotORCG)
  • Fringer (SECR)
  • Survivor (SECR)
  • Spy (TFUCG)
  • Hyperspace Explorer (KotORCG)

Soldier (SECR)

  • Armor Specialist (SECR)
    • New Armor Specialist Talent (KotORCG)
  • Brawler (SECR)
    • New Brawler Talent (KotORCG)
  • Commando (SECR)
    • New Commando Talent (TotG)
  • Weapon Specialist (SECR)
    • New Weapon Specialist Talent (KotORCG)
  • Mercenary (TFUCG)
    • New Mercenary Talents (TotG)
  • Rocket Jumper (KotORCG)

The Force (SECR)

  • Alter (SECR)
    • New Alter Talents (TFUCG)
    • New Alter Talents (KotORCG)
  • Control (SECR)
    • New Control Talents (TFUCG)
    • New Control Talents (KotORCG)
  • Dark Side (SECR)
    • New Dark Side Talents (TFUCG)
    • New Dark Side Talent (TotG)
  • Sense (SECR)
    • New Sense Talent (TFUCG)
    • New Sense Talent (SotG)
  • Jensaari Defender (SECR) (not available in this campaign)
  • Dathmiri Witch (SECR)
  • Agent of Ossus (TFUCG)
  • Felucian Shaman (TFUCG)
  • Jedi Covenant (KotORCG)
  • Jal Shey (KotORCG)
  • Keetael (KotORCG)
  • Krath (KotORCG)
  • Luka Sene (KotORCG)
  • Order of Shasa (KotORCG)

Prestige Classes

Ace Pilot (SECR)

  • Expert Pilot (SECR)
    • New Expert Pilot Talents (SotG)
  • Gunner (SECR)
    • New Gunner Talents (SotG)
  • Squadron Leader (SotG)

Bounty Hunter (SECR)

  • Bounty Hunter (SECR)
  • New Bounty Hunter Talents (TFUCG)

Corporate Agent (KotORCG)

  • Corporate Power (KotORCG)

Crime Lord (SECR)

  • Infamy (SECR)
  • Mastermind (SECR)

Elite Trooper (SECR)

  • Weapon Master (SECR)
  • Critical Master (TFUCG)
  • Master of Teras Kasi (TogG)
  • Mandalorian Warrior (KotORCG)

Enforcer (TFUCG)

  • Enforcement

Force Adept (SECR)

  • Dark Side Devotee (SECR)
  • Force Adept (SECR)
  • Force Item (SECR)
    • New Force Item Talents (KotORCG)
  • Imperial Inquisitor (TFUCG)

Force Disciple (SECR)

Gladiator (KotORCG)

  • Gladiatorial Combat

Gunslinger (SECR)

  • Gunslinger
    • New Gunslinger Talent (KotORCG)

Independent Droid (TFUCG)

  • Autonomy
  • Specialized Droid

Infiltrator (TFUCG)

  • Infiltration
  • Bothan Spynet

Jedi Knight (SECR)

  • Duelist (SECR)
    • New Duelist Talents (TFUCG)
    • New Duelist Talents (KotORCG)
  • Lightsaber Forms (SECR)
  • Jedi Battlemaster (KotORCG)
  • Jedi Shadow (KotORCG)
  • Jedi Watchman (KotORCG)

Jedi Master (SECR)

Master Privateer (TFUCG)

  • Privateer (TFUCG)

Medic (TFUCG)

  • Advanced Medicine (TFUCG)
  • Medical Secrets (TFUCG)

Melee Duelist (KotORCG)

  • Melee Duelist (KotORCG)

Officer (SECR)

  • Military Tactics (SECR)
  • Naval Officer (SotG)

Saboteur (TFUCG)

  • Sabotage
  • Turret

Sith Apprentice (SECR)

  • Sith (SECR)
    • New Sith Talent (TotG)
    • New Sith Talents (KotORCG)

Sith Lord

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