Campaign Background

The year is 3976 Before the Battle of Yavin (BBY). Twenty years ago, the Great Sith War came to a dramatic end on Yavin 4 with the final defeat of the Sith Lord, Exar Kun. Since then the galaxy has been rebuilding, recovering, and dealing with any remaining pockets of Krath cultists, Sith remnant, and a few Mandalorian stragglers.

But hidden in the mysterious reaches of the Outer Rim, Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders regroup and reassemble themselves in secret. The new breed of crusaders welcomes any species willing to embrace the simple but aggressive Mandalorian code. Beyond the reach of the Republic, they begin gathering in numbers, preparing to one day have their revenge upon the galaxy.

Meanwhile, Jedi veterans of the hard times of the Great Sith War have settled on various worlds to assist in the rebuilding process, act as diplomats, and help safeguard the peace. Most worlds feel honored and grateful to the Jedi High Council when a Jedi Watchman is assigned to their region of space, as they know that these Jedi will hound criminals and seek tirelessly to enforce the peace in the region.

In Argos Sector, the Praxus system is one such place. Here a Jedi Enclave has been created on the planet Medea, a moon of the gas giant called Telemon. This is just one of four worlds of the Praxus system who make up the Praxus Federation. This group is the cornerstone of the entire sector and so it is the ideal place for a Jedi Enclave.

Three masters have taken on apprentices here. One, a Jedi Shadow of great skill, is the human Jedi Knight Treisse Halo. Another master is a Battlemaster, the human Jedi Knight Arlon Del. The third is Jedi Master Tarlo Bernare, a khil Jedi Master and Watchman for the Argos Sector.

The Jedi Enclave is situated on the large island of Theria. 

And it is here our story begins…

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