NPCs Session 3

Dr. Miho Sakura
Ms. Sakura’s quick actions helped the group in fighting two teleporting raiders, which by extension (and Eribos’ quick thinking) allowed the group to get on the ship quickly. Metatide and her discussed her secret power later where she conveyed in private that she was actually a biosynthetic replicant-cyborg. Metatide has kept this origin of Miho’s powers to herself, but the fact she has superhuman abilities was conveyed to Crusader.

Captain-Lieutannant Noal Malcomb
Captain of the CTA Cutter EAS Pershing. He took an even greater chance with CTA authorities by following Crusader’s lead and was instrumental in helping to recover the raiders, treat the injured and eventually secure Servius. CTA Operations were very pleased with the outcome.

Kelsey Leigh Vance
Kelsey helped the group by linking them telepathically for instant communication. She reported back to the SP authorities, likely in some degree of trouble for assisting unliscened ‘vigilantes’.

Xelliriarnin* – commonly called Xel
A space bourne entity captured by Servius’ men and enslaved and vivisected by Dreamslayer into combat suits, mind control devices, and ultimately a stellar teleport system with the goal of creating an interstellar one. After assimilating some ability to communicate with Eribos (and by extension Oriana), Xel departed the system to begin the long journey home.

Jander 12.1
Proximus’s loyal android servant is done being rebuilt.

Dr. Anna Abernathy
An old friend of Proximus’ from Aurora. She is on the medical staff of the Coalition Consulate (Spacetown) campus in NeoYork.

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