Available Races

A wide variety of species are available for play in this campaign. The home system of the game will be Praxus. This solar system has four inhabited worlds as well as mining colonies (both planet-side and based on floating cities of the gas giant world of Telemon. This is a very cosmopolitan place in the galaxy due to a wide variety of species being made to settle and colonize the four worlds of Praxus System.

Species available for play include many from the Core book: Humans, Bothans, Duros, Gamorrean, Ithorian, Kel Dor, Mon Calamari, Quarren, Rodians, Sulustan, Trandoshan, Twi’lek, Wookiee, Zabrak.

The Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide also lists many suitable for play: Arkanian, Arkanian Offshoot, Cathar, Draethos, Feeorin, Khil, Kissai, Massassi, Miraluka, Selkath, Snivvian.

The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide offers the following, which are also acceptable: Aleena, Caamasi, Gran, Nosaurian, Togorian, Togruta, Whiphid, Yarkora.

Threats of the Galaxy lists one race also suitable: the Bith. In addition, Replica Droids from the same book may be appropriate, depending on the character’s background.

Scum and Villainy includes number of races as well. Suitable races include: Clawdite, Falleen, Gand (available only to non-Jedi), Jawa, Ryn, Toydarian.

Finally, some races described on the Star Wars RPG web site may also be appropriate. For instance, the Arcona and Pau’ans described there will work well in this campaign.

Droids may also be used as PCs. These can be made from scratch, perhaps representing trusted droids employed by the Jedi Enclave on Medea (a large, terrestrial moon of Telemon). Other droids may be appropriate, such as the HK-Series.

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  1. I updated the list again today with in the inclusion of the Arkanian Offshoot sub-race. I just wanted to be sure people knew that these, too, are available for play.

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