A Jedi Story

This purpose of this campaign, which uses the Star Wars Saga Edition of the role playing game by Wizards of the Coast, is to tell the stories of young Jedi and their companions during the times of the Old Republic when Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders were on the rise, through the terrible times of the Jedi Civil war and the Dark Wars afterwards. This game will use an epic troupe role-playing style in which the main story will follow the plots of more than one group of heroes as they grow and change with the times.

The philosophy behind this game style is that some characters will choose the path of the dark side. Others may remain true to the ideals of the Jedi. All, however, will share their common origins as close friends training together as padawans (or their friends and allies if these characters are not Jedi). As they grow into Jedi Knights, terrible choices must be made, choices that will lead them to face their destinies. This game fully expects some characters to choose one path while others choose another.

The epic troupe nature of the campaign then has the action split between two groups — those loyal to the Jedi and the Republic and those who have defied the Jedi High Council. Players will continue to play their main characters, but in sessions where the focus is on a group that has separated, players of characters not part of the highlighted group will create support characters. In return, when the focus comes back to original group, those players whose original character are no longer part of this troupe will create supporting characters to help tell this part of the story.

It may be that one day these characters will have to face one another again. At this point, the characters will have already played a critical role in determining the fate of the galaxy and influencing billions of lives.

The name of this campaign is Knights of the Old Republic: Unleashed. This is borrowed from the names of two popular (and very worthwhile) video games. However, it actually means a bit more than that. During the course of your character’s development, they will develop their true powers when they finally reach a level of maturity in the character’s development (around level 7 or 8). These are the Unleashed abilities. Players of the the Force Unleashed video game will understand what this means for Force-users. However, in this game it can mean much more than that and even non-Force using characters can achieve incredible things when they Unleash their destiny…

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