Proximus Journal There and back again

I helped Lake cross to they ship by letting her use my flight power and life support.

When the people from the ship took something inside, she disappeared into the ship and we waited for her call.  After about 20 minutes, I was asked to move far enough away and send a message to the cutter that was on its way to rendezvous with us.   Crusader had asked them to delay their arrival by 15 minutes.  

They agreed to wait and asked us to make sure the we “don’t fuck this up”, because the captains ass was currently in a sling for the actions he has already taken.  I told his to think about how good he was going to look when we succeeded. 


I told the Crusader what he said and then it was back to waiting. It has been about 25 minutes, since Lake entered the ship.  Ebros started singing 100 bottles of beer on the wall. I think the drugs they had given his were ummm making him less restrained than normal. Crusader said I couldn’t go back out into space because I was the pilot.

He did take Ebros farther back into the shuttle which was some relief.  After about 36 minutes we got a message from Lake. Saying she had located the creature in the forward hole. She told us the number of power reactors and gave us a rough count of those aboard the ship.  The Crusade asked if she could get the doors open in the hold that the creature was in.  Lake said that she could maybe she take some of the crew out and crusader said that if she could with out danger to herself. Then suddenly she was cut off.


We fired up the run-about started toward the ship when we were hailed and Crusader told them we were on a Vance shuttle and were requesting aid, suddenly 2 men suddenly appeared.  Crusader told Kelsey to get into an evac suit then grabbed one of the men. The Doc injected the other one or the suit with something and Erobos did something and the suit left the man and engulfed him then the man collapsed.


Then Crusader and the person he grabbed disappeared.  Erabos told everyone to touch him. I declined, parked the ship, sent a message to the cutter,went out the airlock and over to the ships airlock preparing to enter, the ship. Suddenly I knew where all my allies were Erabos, Oriana, and Crusader we just on the other side of the air lock. Lake was somewhere else but no where near me.


I entered the airlock and passed through. Once on the other side, I dropped a cosmic grenade into a group of men one if them fired back and I took a hit, so I threw another grenade. Then someone tried to hit the Crusader and he reflected it into the cable that was feeding the alien and the entire back of the ship disappeared. I went out and rescued everyone without a space suit.


My new friends reappeared. We made contact with the cutter  and they wanted us to knock Servius out for transport the doctor made some thing and I injected it and soon he was unconscious.


Erobos started talking to the alien and we went back home to earth.


On the way we heard about the attack on mars. Then Servius tried to escape unfortunalty for him we were standing in the hall. He tried to fry us and Crusader reflected his attack back in him.  He looked almost cartoon like all blackened and little wisps of smoke coming off the apparatus that helped shoot his plasma bolts.


Eventually we all got back to earth and the others started to party but Crusader and I had meetings we had to attend and so took a shuttle to NeoYork.

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