News Flash – Shackelton Station Suspects in Custody

Jihong Kim – Staff Reporter

CTA and Guild spokespersons have released a statement confirming the rumors that the five citizens led by the new Crusader (as some have called him – no offical confirmation has been forthcoming) who stood up against the raiders yesterday and teaming up dealt with the escapees led the way in both discovering the location of the raider ship, spoiling their plans, apprehending them with minimal caualties and releasing a captive sentient – an alien hereunto unknown and enslaved by the raiders.  Captain Lieutennant Malcomb of the CTA Cutter Pershing stated, “They (the team) are young, but they seem to have their act together; putting aside their personal interests.” 

The teams’ whereabouts are currently unknown and CTA, Guild and SP authorities have so far refused comment pending their (the team) decision.  Guild representative Hadrian Ellison commented that, “it is possible that this group of young heroes as a flash in the night, but I have a feeling that there is more to them.”  CTA spokesman

In a related story, the Martian Biocybernetics Conference was postposed yesterday when SP authorities moved in to put one of the speakers in protective custody.  Shortly thereafter a group of raiders attacked the now empty conference where an SP Instant Reaction Team was waiting for them.  It is know that the attack was foiled; however, other details are not forthcoming at this time.

The valor of these new heroes has caught the imagination of many on Earth.  Wwill we hear from them again?  This reporter hopes so.  With violence and crime on Earth and the Colonies growing for the first time since the aftermath of the Spacer Revolt, we may find ourselves needing some heroes.

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