Our plan worked, sort of.  I’m completely out of it and exhausted, so let me sum up.  We caught a changeling named Marguerette.  She is an elemental of some kind working for what I believe to be a true fae named Chak.  She and her team it seems gather potential slaves for the True Fae, but we haven’t gotten the details yet.  This team tried to kidnap Sholto while we were all undercover in a northside bar.  I didn’t get to see or participate in much of the fight, but when I arrived the others had fled and Sholto and some other victim were in bags and Margurette was about to be caught.  Chaska had attacked and bit her and found out her elemental form is Silver.  Man, that sucks for Chaska.   John brought her to the car and she dived into the hedge.  After some effort Ramiel pulled her and John out (hence why I’m exhausted, opening a way to the Hedge, that and healing Chanka.  In any case we brought our prisoner to the court.

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