NG Session 2 Notes

On the way to Earth, we were told the prisoner shuttle was escaping.  

After some negotiation, I used my powers to take everyone to find the shuttle.  I was a little worried about finding the shuttle but I was pretty sure that I could find earth again.  We did find and boarded it and as soon as the inner door was open, two shots went out and were deflected by Crusader.  Lake ran forward but couldn’t quite reach them. Erebos tried to grab one but missed then Oriana shot one. I cast a cosmic grenade in to the compartment and knocked them around.  Then one tried to shot the other and Crusader deflected that shot too its amazing to see him work.   Erebos grabbed the one still standing and the battle was over.

A proximity alarm went off in the control cabin, and a strange ship, that looked like it was about ready to fall apart, appeared and then disappeared in the same manner the others teleported on the station.  It looked like it had biological bits on its surface.  Immediately after that a cutter hailed us and we were boarded.   They sent us aboard the cutter and had a wait in some sort of ready room or conference room, then they arranged a rendezvous and we were re-united with our original shuttle. 

We called Marius and he arranged a secure location in New Brunswick, Canada, Earth for us.

We were met by a oriental looking woman and a Grey that turned out to be a doctor, who examined me and told me my genetic structure was normal but I had a small nigh-undetectable crystaline structure growing in me.   How cool is that I am not a mutant but I have some sort of symbiotic crystaline growth.

We interogated the prisoners and it was so strange I was so happy that I wasn’t a mutant I was able to talk and talk until Metatide finally had to tell me to stop pressing the intercom button.  I think part of it was that they were on the other side of a one way mirror and couldn’t see me but I am not sure.

One of them Carl something started talking about the Boss he works for called the Corintian. The Boss was Lt. of some syndicate and  made a failed power play to try and take over the Syndicate.  They had knocked off some transport. 

As far as I can tell there is the Boss … some sort of inner circle …  they have got alien tech which may actually be an alien that they are cutting pieces off and forming them into alien tech.  Carl said the hold was full of the thing.  He said it was an animal of some sort. He is a free gun from the Pellar system.    Someone named  Servious works for Corintian… They have an ally calling himself the DreamSlayer. He is the new guy with making the literally alien tech.

I called the consulate and I have to go to meeting at the consulate tomorrow. They said that I could pick up Jander Unit at that time. 

T Web sets of up to 128 telepaths…   this is what the stolen tech is supposed to help power.

Dr Sakura. has lots of degrees some in Cybernetics and Nanotechnology, 

Three locations were found in the telepath from the station that they tried to kill near Haven System, Middle of nowhere, Asteroid Belt. We cross referenced them with known filght plans and  The last 2 filed flight plans were New Haven and The middle of nowhere. So the Asteroid Belt seemed to be the likely candidate for where the hi-jackers went.

Erbos had the control gauntlet attached to his arm.  Orianna collapsed. I sense a link here. They are giving him meds for the pain.

We all got on the runabout and are on our way to the asteroid belt Kelsey Vance is with us I am not sure if its the smartest thing to do but she represents the law and the telepath guild and I think its important to have a link to both with us.

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  1. Proximus may remember that Servius ONCE worked for the same organization as the Corinthian but didn’t any more. These guys are likely not Syndicate, but fringe Outer Sphere pirates/raiders. Then again, Aurora has little to no crime, so it is doubtful either fringers, free-guns, raiders or the Syndicate have ever come up in his life.

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