Journal Entry

Summary for Session 2, September 11, 2008.

Metatide records

Crusader had a long discussion with all of us together and I think everyone is on the same page. We’re going to do this thing, becoming NeoGenesis. That leaves the details, of course, and there are a lot of them to figure out!

We didn’t make to to Earth, though. It appears that the prison shuttle with the two guys I knocked out was making a run for it. It was a good guess they were escaping. So, Proximus offered to take us there.

I had a lot of concerns about that. No space suits, just blind faith that this guy would keep us from an icy death in a vacuum. Honestly, I only went along because the others were willing to try it. Still, the fact is that he did get us there. He brought along his little hand comp and recalculated our position from time to time based on the position of stars. Clunky, but it worked well enough. At least, he didn’t make a mistake bad enough to get us permanently lost in the void. And, he got us right up to the back door of the runaway shuttle. I’m still nervous as hell about being in space since I’m pretty much at the mercy of the universe when not in a vehicle of some kind, but Proximus has earned points on that one.

So we got on board the ship and took out the two prisoners. Very strange. I think they were possessed by someone. We took them down (again) and then met up with a patrol cutter who hauled the lot of us back to Earth. Crusader managed to us the ARM law, claiming bounty hunter regulations to allow us to hold the prisoners for a day. We took them planet-side and drew on Vance connections to get them to a facility where we could question them.

These guys are pretty much heartless mercenaries, but they were also clearly made pawns by this villain name Servius and his ally, Dreamweaver. Questioning them and investigating the control panel Proximus captured led us to a new discovery that this Dreamweaver guy is apparently using some kind of alien animal’s brain tissue to create control components. It seems to allow them access to teleportation powers, and extends the ability of an esper to control minds.

While recapturing these guys we did notice a ship that had been approaching, teleport away. That some pretty serious power, and based on what we know now, could be doing irreparable harm to their bodies, as humans are not built to take whatever kinds of energies are being used to instantly transport them from one place to another.

As an interesting aside, we met up with Kelsey Vance and a Grey doctor that gave us all exams. They were concerned that since we were exposed to what is essentially alien biotech, we might be infected with something. I found out that Miho Sakura, a doctor of research in several advanced bio and tech fields, is probably a mutant of some kind. She tried to deny it, but unless there has been some change in her body as a result of technology, she has to be a mutant. This I base on a comment by Dr. Ziphphax, the Grey who examined me. I’m curious about it, but not enough to cause problems for Miho at this time, although I did not like that she was not honest with me about it. Some people think it is okay for them to nose into your own secrets, but when you find out something about them? They get defensive.

Still, despite their examinations, I know that although they know I’m a mutant of some kind, I’m confident they know nothing at all of my true origins or capabilities. That’s how I like it, though. Hopefully, they won’t try to pry. If they do, they’ll find nothing.

We got some readings on the alien control panel. To find out where the signal was leading, we ended up having to graft it on to one of us. Erebos was the unlucky sod who volunteered for it. He’s either very brave or just that reckless, but that’s how he’s always been. Anyway, him having that thing on his arm seems to affect his sister, too. Interesting side effect of their mental link.

So we appropriated another shuttle and headed out to track down this thing. We also took Kelsey Leigh Vance with us. Her modest esper powers are handy, and plus she has police powers since she graduated from the academy recently. We’ll see how this all turns out…

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  1. A good follow-up might be finding out more about Ms Sakura, should the team choose to maintain contact with her as the Genesis Initiative carries forward. Each major NPC, good or bad, has their secrets, their depth of character and more.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that. Although with the current mission (probably to be followed up with some team infrastructure-building), Metatide isn’t sure when she might get back to that. Or even if she’ll ever see Miho Sakura again. But it’s in the back of her mind should the opportunity appear.

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