Xterran Battles Bedlam in San Angelas

San Angelas Times Newsfeed – by Haley Trent.

The mutant criminal Bedlam struck a Lansing Corp tech facility just inside the Tijuana district of the San Angelas Metroplex today.  Lansing Security were overwhelmed and before SPs could arrive Bedlam and his associates were well on the way to their escape.  Xterran arrived quickly and after demanding Bedlamand his compatriot’s surrender, shot down Bedlam’s spinner before he could get away; the debris raining down on the coastal maglev line and several building complexes.  Several civilians reported injuries as the allies of Bedlam were either killed in the crash or knocked out of the fight.  For the next 20 minutes these two titans battled it out in a line of destruction running from the crash site to the coast where Bedlam was finally brought down by combined SP shockpolice and Xterran’s energy blasts.  So far 10 criminals have been apprehended, 3 dead, 1 missing.  84 civilian casualties have been reported so far, many in critical condition.  24 local Security Police have been injured, 5 of whom critically and 2 have been killed.  The Lansing casualties have not been released at this time.

7 thoughts on “Xterran Battles Bedlam in San Angelas”

  1. Hey, you don’t know the circumstances. You were not there. As a SP, I know what you have to go through to fight some of these mutants and technocrats and you know, its getting worse. I’m just glad that no civilians were killed, though I do feel for the families of the fallen SPs, it isn’t Xterran’s fault. It is Bedlam’s. R.H. – NeoYork

  2. Xterran isn’t a hero. He’s a paid vigilante on the payroll of the San Angelas Security Police and their backers. I’m sure of it. He’s just a big gun and tool of SP ‘justice’. Remember the ‘crowd control’ of the 2909 transient riots? No, hero. Not to me. He’s just a paid mutant thug like the rest. T.G. – Bayplex

  3. You are just jealous that he’s famous and gets paid doing what he is good at. Leave X alone, he’s sexy, brave and the way of the future. You have to be tough to deal with the riff-raff. T.L. – Madrid

  4. Obviously a member of his fan club. He must have the best publicity agencies whitewashing his actions to make someone like T.L. have such faith in that loose cannon. You know he is sponsored by LansingCorp amoung others. Corporate tool, that’s all he is. G.R. – Greater SanFrancisco

  5. LansingCorp neither sponsors, criticizes, or supports Xterran. We realize that the local Security Police were overwhelmed with Bedlam as we ourselves were and therefore took what measures they deemed appropriate, up to and including use of Xterran’s formibable abilities . We regret any harm that this situation may have caused and grieve with the families of the brave, injured or killed, who were caught up in this unfortunate incident. Janya Trico – LansingCorp Representative.

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