Infamous Villain Quietly Released After 20 Years.

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by staff reporter Jolene Beck

Oh what a strange adventure it has been.
I remember as a child reading about the heroic exploits of Spider, the late 21st Century hero frozen in time only to be found in the 29th Century and then resume his crimefighting career with a unique perspective on our contemporary world. I remember seeing him once, hopping from complex to complex, building to building, diving into downunder and helping the little guy. They don’t make them like that anymore. Then I remember his nemesis, a petty criminal whose ambition for revenge against Spider drove him into madness. The newsfeeds called him ‘The Fly’, always being caught in Spider’s web as he constantly failed in his ambition for revenge. Instead of bristling about his imposed moniker, he embraced it calling himself The Fly and vowing to be an instrument of revenge for all who have been wronged by as he called it, “These so-called heroes.” I would think he would have been more angered, and justifyably so by the ilk of Xterran or Phaelanx who are not heroes but instruments of vigliante justice tolerated by an inept government and security police with few options.

Spider, Quantum, and those other noble heroes were few and far between and are now a thing of the past, them being the last of a breed inspired by the great Crusader and his contemporaries. The Fly, who for privacy’s sake we will keep anonomous, always failed in his ambitions for revenge; but has now been cured by the same system he so despised. His release from the Luna Reformation Center has proven that our system does work and given time a treatment can cure any villain. I say this because time and again, we see mutant vigilantes blasting away at their enemies, unheading of the damage they do and willing to kill to get the job done. If Spider had killed the Fly, would we be a better civilization for it? I think not. We would have been murderers in our coplacency. And now today, an old man gets a second chance at life because of nobility and the willingness of the government to do the right thing and the heroes of yesteryear to fight crime, not make war on it. But there is hope. Click on this newsfeed to get updates on the ongoing Shackelton Gate Incident.

7 thoughts on “Infamous Villain Quietly Released After 20 Years.”

  1. I think releasing known felons of any kind without some kind of esper reprogramming is a bad idea. I mean, evil is evil and this guy once tried to blow up an entire city block on Tartarus Dome, nearly breaching the pressure dome, just to take out a handful of “heroes”. Sure he didn’t succeed, but his antics over the years did injure a lot of people, causing long-term trauma in many cases. He’s a nutball and deserved the ‘death of personality’ sentence. Just because he failed to be a mass murderer didn’t mean he didn’t try and motivations are the key. Perhaps Phaelanx is a bit over-the-top, but he gets the job done. -T.G. Utopia Planetia

  2. Well, you obviously haven’t seen the havoc mutants like Xterran leave behind. I know this sounds racist, but perhaps we should listen to Senator Sunila Raman and either, cure those mutated, restrict them like the espers, give them theri own colony, or ship them off to some backwater like Archeron and leave us in peace. R.L. – San Angelas

  3. I’m glad to know our system, as flawed as it is, can work for someone. This old man did his time and is cured. Let’s just leave him alone. E.J. – Sao Paulo

  4. Did you know, he built a base underneith a hero base so they couldn’t find him? Brilliant! I mean it is sad that he left a lot of havoc in his wake, but his brilliance was wasted on revenge. H.K. – ShanghaiPlex

  5. I’ve never heard of this guy. I mean if he was a threat, what 40 years ago plus, he isn’t much of one any more. Also, R.L. that statement is completely racist. I mean don’t you care about those who suffer from mutation? I mean sure the majority of their ancestors immigrated here from offworld, but lets be honest, their ancestors were from this cradle the same as the rest of us. A little understanding is in order; not all mutants are dangerous and most suffer. Don’t dump them all in one catagory. M.S. – NeoTokyo

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