Villains Session 2

Karl Tucker and Arlo Henry
Fringers from the Outer Sphere who recently were hired by Servius as muscle. Captured.

Leader of a band of raiders who, alongside Dreamslayer, is planning on using a captured alien/biotech for some nefarious purpose, possibly to go after the Corinthian, a known Ares Syndicate figure.

Excerpt from SP Criminal File retrieved by SPO Kelsey Leigh Vance.

Servious Castillano (aka Castle the Burner)
Born on Mars in 2861, fell into the Martian Downunder and the Syndicate. Worked his way up the Tharsis Faction as an enforcer and eventually minor leader within the organization. Moved offworld to run Ganymede operation where he is thought to have gained enough allies to make a play for the leadership of the Tharsins, but chose to bypass his own faction and make a play to take out the Corinthian himself, the shadowy leader of the Corinth-Cereberian faction and thereby the Syndicate itself. One reason for this arrogant action was due to his gaining of either a technological or mutant ‘edge’. This coup is known to have come close to suceeding; however his allies all fell away at the last minute. Only through pure luck was he able to escape. Thought to be keeping a low profile working near the Pendar System in the outer sphere as a pirate, raider and low-level enforcer. Rumors persist that he has some kind of energy projection ability, but it could easily be a technological device. Favorite weapon is a gamma-ray cutting laser, though that may have changed.

A psychic/esper of somekind with mental flesh/mind molding abilities of some kind. Shows some mind-control and telepath skills as well. Ally of Servius.

Forwarded to Marius from Guild Master Hadrian Ellison

After scanning our injured director, Lyra el Kadir, we have determined the esper in question has significant mind link and mind control skills; however, based on impressions retrieved from her during the scan and in a follow-up interview, she said much of his mind; though powerful, was distracted. Possibly coordinating others or conducting some other task of great strain. Dreamwiever is however human for certain. Should you apprehend him, we ask you to keep him unconscious until Guild CPS Agents can take him into custody. Due to your actions on the Shackelton Station, I give your team authority to apprehend him. Approach with caution. Note, we will likely cause some friction with the Security Police by doing this.

Excerpt from SP Criminal File retrieved by SPO Kelsey Leigh Vance.

The Corinthian
Despite multiple attempts at securing his identity, the mysterious leader of the Corinth-Cereberian crime faction and thereby effectively the Syndicate itself remains an enigma for the SPs. He/she is known to be based on Mars and keeps a low profile, unlike the previous Syndicate leader, Lo Tong, who’s flamboyance eventually brought him down and damaged the Syndicate severely. Some SP profilers do not believe an actual Corinthian exists, but is a creation of the Syndicate faction’s Inner Circle who don’t want a repeat of Tong’s mistakes.

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