NPCs Session 2

Dr. Miho Sakura
A brilliant scientist holding many degrees in Biocybernetrics, Nanocybernetics, and several related fields, Ms. Sakura was brought in to help with the alien biotech encountered by the PCs.  A former assistant and collegue of Dr. Zander Hoshi (a leading biocyberneticist), Ms. Sakura was sent  on short notice by one of the other friends of Mr. Vance who has shown interest in the Genesis Initiative, Dr. Hikaru Sato, formally of Daiichi Millenium Corporation and before that Zenware. Lake suspects she may be a mutant of some kind.

Dr. Ziphphax
A Grey medical doctor in the employ of Vance Corporation, brought in to help Proximus and later the prisoners.

Captain-Lieutannant Noal Malcomb
Captain of the CTA Cutter EAS Pershing.  He allowed the PCs to take the raider prisoners with them by invoking the ARM law due to them saving the lives of several of his friends at Shackelton.

Ensign Norah Watley 
A young officer on the EAS Pershing.  Took a shine to Eriabos.

It is learned that Marius seems to be somewhat of a fixer.  A person who gets things done with many contacts.

Kelsey Leigh Vance
The granddaughter of Dietrich Vance, Kelsey was asked to help the team after her commissioning ceremony in the United Earth Security Police.  Her Esper abilities in particular, though not highly powerful, were helpful.

Jander 12
Proximus’s loyal android servant is being rebuilt at the Auroran Campus of the Coalition Consulate.

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