Formal Name: Terminus
Government Name: United Earth Alliance Penal Colony Administration – Terminus
Population: Unknown, possibly less than 1000 prisoners known to have been sent there.  150 have been reformed as of 2911 with only a small number of recidivists.
Stargate Travel Time from Sol: Terminus is kept off the charts.  Travel time is top secret.

Terminus was activated nearly 15 years ago to hold one prisoner, the Alpha-10 class mutant Shard.  Once a hero to the galaxy, Shard went mad with power and tried to impose his rule on the Human Sphere, almost starting a war with the Confederation in the process.  Terminus’s location is kept secret and those who are sent there are secured as neccessary.

Origins & Development

After the Shard Incident, EarthGov and its colonies with cooperation with the Coalition worlds decided a central prison was neccessary to hold him that was isolated from the rest of the Human Sphere (There is no death penalty.).  Later, it was expanded to hold other prisoners that could not be effectively contained elsewhere without extreme expense.  A planetoid was selected for this purpose.  Many rumors persist about what happens there, but some of those who have been released and detractors report VR chambers, remorse programming simulations, esper personality restructuring, and attempts at mutant treatment gene-resequencing.  Advocates say that it uses the most modern and humaine methods to treat these highly dangerous criminals.  The truth proabably lies in-between.

2 thoughts on “Terminus”

  1. Good question! Shard was literally “off the scale” in power level, so an attempt was made by the SPs to grade Alpha mutants/threats. It is very subjective since mutant/mutate powers were/are poorly understood in some cases. Alpha-10 was used to emphasize the dangerousness of Shard compared to others. The numeretical grading system didn’t really work out in practice, but the name “Alpha-10” kind of stuck. Some pundants wanted to call them “Omega” class because that sounded ominous, but that didn’t take either. Other than Espers, most mutants generally fall into the main categories easily. Since Espers have an operating/liscensing authority that trains and tests the majority of them, they have been more easily categorizied in Epsilon Levels.

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