Formal Name: Tau Ceti Prime (Aurora)
Government Name: Auroran Sodality (Member of the Coalition of Free Worlds)
Population: 200,000,000 (plus 5,000,000,000 robots)
Stargate Travel Time from Sol: 3.7 Days

The first world permanently settled by humanity outside of Sol, originally named ‘New Earth’; it is located 12 light years from Earth in the Tau Ceti system.

Origins & Development
The planet was the very first extrasolar colony world established by mankind, founded in 2394 (and following the creation of the starwarp in 2331), after a long exploration program and a 13 year journey of the first colonists. In later centuries, it was renamed “Aurora,” which means “dawn,” to signify a dawning of a new age for what would become the Spacer culture. It was the innermost world orbiting Tau Ceti. It is most famous among the Spacer worlds for its wine, humano-form android technology, and genetic life extension skills. It is also considered the strongest of the Spacer worlds, and therefore the practical leader of the entire Coalition. The head of Aurora’s planetary government is called the “Chairman.” The largest city on the planet is Eos, the administrative and robotic centre of Aurora. The University of Eos, Auroran Academy and the Auroran Robotics Institute are all in Eos.

As descendants of the earliest emigrants from who were selectively chosen for the task of colonization, Aurora’s population came from a time of genetic elitism in Earth’s history.  This desire for genetic perfection continued long after the overthrow of Earth’s domination in the Great Rebellion (Spacer Rebellion from the POV of Earth), and the subsequent trend on Earth away from genetic control.  After the war, Aurora and it’s coalition allies briefly secured a monopoly on hyperspatial travel through a rate of technological progress which for a time far outstripped that of an overcrowded and resource-rationed Earth and the remaining colonies.  Through the eradication of pathogenic organisms, selective breeding, genetic manipulation and an intensive study of ageing processes, they enjoy lifetimes of over two centuries in luxury and personal security due to their highly advanced and numerous robots.

Auroran and Spacer attitudes in general towards Earth and the Outer Sphere colonies has became sharply polarized into Globalist and Humanists, though both factions attempt to some extent to hide their fear of contact with Earthpeople, Fringers and other colonists whom they believe still carried potentially dangerous diseases. The Humanists are attempting to encourage Earth and the other colonies old and new to adopt the Spacer’s way of life or at least come to a mutual respect for each other.  The Globalists see themselves as the successors of true humanity and want to leave Earth behind.  They see Earth and the new colonies as a chaotic, backward, and slowly collapsing society.

Aurora has two moons and one interstellar colony which is a member of the Coalition (Eden).  The Tau Ceti system includes two additional cold terrestrial worlds and a single large Jovan-class gas giant that keeps the inner 10 AUs of the system strangely clear of the vast asteroid/dust belts that extend to up to 55 AU from the star with dozens of repeatedly pulverized dwarf planets within.

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