So I Ran

I ran a far and as fast as I could.  In wolfskin I fled them, cutting myself as I cascaded through the throng of thorns.  I didn’t know how they found me, but I knew why they are after me.  They wanted to bring me back there and I will die first.  Let me start at the beginning…

We (Ramiel, Lyla and I) had just stepping through into Goblin Market we had with difficulty uncovered.  Before we crossed into the Hedge, I warned my companions of the dire consequences of doing the wrong things (how making deals was dangerous, let the buyer beware, etc); but to no avail.  It wasn’t their fault, you see.  Before anything could happen THEY came.  As I took the lead and brought Lyla and Ramiel into the marketplace all the denizens looked at us with horror.  Confused, I turned behid me and saw THEM, the TRUE FAE.  As I saw the shoppers and shopkeepers cringing in fear I screamed and ran.

For days and hours, I don’t know, I ran.  I felt horrible that I had left my companions behind, but those devils lay between me and them.  I couldn’t fight them, I couldn’t win and now I was lost with briar wolves at my heels, cuts all over my body, and lost friends.

I tried to make my way back to find them, but I was way off the trod.  I lost track of time and found myself in despair with the beasts closing in.  My only choice now was to escape the Hedge and either find help or report my failure to the Queen of Sin.

It was then that the wolfpack found me.  Dodging in and out of the hedge, cutting myself on thorns and losing blood, I let my instincts take hold and I let go to the beast withing.  All I wanted to do was escape.  I don’t really know how, but I had dodged the Briar Wolves, found and gateway and transitioned from the hedge to the mortal world.  Eventually I found myself far on the east side of Mythic.  I knew not the date, or the time.  So I called Cassandra, hoping she was still around…

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