NPCs Session 1

Dietrich Vance IV
Majority stockholder of VanceCorp and its multiple subsidiaries. Vance is known as somewhat of a recluse, engaging himself in multiple public works and charitable projects as well as his work at his corporation. Australian by birth, Vance currently resides in North America. Physically he is very tall, bald, and looks around 80 years old (60-65 in 21st Century sense).

Little is known of Vance’s envoy to the heroes. He looks like a late-40s Amerind of Iroquois extraction. He exudes confidence, strength, and seems to be very knowledgeable and loyal. He is fairly tall and ruggedly handsome.

Kelsey Leigh Vance
The granddaughter of Dietrich Vance, Kelsey has avoided the spotlight on her family by trying to establish a name for herself. She is most famous for her Olympic victories in 2906 where she swept the women’s gymnastic events in NeoTokyo. Two years later she dropped out of competitive athletics for university and ‘other’ training. She still is known to support aspiring athletes and make appearances, but she has been doing that less and she has completed her degree in criminology (her father is a Earth Alliance Security official). She seems to show some skill in Esper abilities and is more than likely Guild-trained.

Jander 12
Proximus’s loyal android servant.

A known vigilante mutant operating in the SanAngelas Metroplex. He is powerful and somewhat reckless, though he has defeated a number of mutant and criminal threats. He is reluctantly called in by police authorities when they feel overwhelmed. He has powerful PR and Corporate backers. Only seen by the Heroes on a news monitor.

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