Blackout and Terror Attack at G4! Mystery Heroes Save the Day!

Jihong Kim – Staff Reporter

Today an attack by an unknown terrorist group occurred on Shackleton Station Prime. Rumors abounded that it was aliens of some kind – however Transport Authority officials and witnesses confirmed the attackers were human, two of which are known to be custody of Alliance Security.

Reports are that the attacker boarded the station by commandeering a relief flight inbound from Proxima Station. While it is not confirmed at this time, a passenger apparently discovered the conspiracy during the inbound flight and attempted to report it but the the flight had begun dewarping maneuvers and out of communication. The vessel suffered significant isolated structural damage due to the attackers.

The attackers, who dressed as aliens in an obvious attempt to confuse and shift blame, seemed to be on a mission to steal cargo stored at the station and secure the station’s navigation bridge. Witnesses indicated that they used some form teleportation to get aboard; however security officials believe that it was actually some form of blacklight cloaking to secretly board the station at multiple points; disrupting power systems and weapons simultaneously. No records exist of the actual attackers except the ones in the navigation bridge. Go to this datalink to view the released security files. (GM note: the link is for effect, doesn’t go anywhere.)

The attack was thwarted when two costumed individuals and several brave members of the crowd stepped forward and took a stand against this injustice. One of them, it was reported, “teleported” in the middle of the fight with a chunk of the rescue ship. He is, as of right now, unidentified. Witnesses indicated he possessed some form of energy weapon and advanced anti-grav belt, though others swear that he was a mutant of some kind.

However the first person to take a stand seemed to be dressed up as a version of the legendary Crusader, Starshield and all. We at TNI wondered if he is just another pretender in tights or perhaps worthy of the legacy of the true Crusader. Witnesses say the latter. Historian, Reka Shantur, who was there during the attack swore the StarShield used by this ‘Crusader’ was very close in design and action to the original, lost since the 21st Century. Other witnesses concur. One, Maxwell Tennant, said, “it was the most brave thing I’ve seen since the the days of Quantum and the Citadel heroes before him. And he wasn’t alone, this gorgeous fringer who had a working blaster put the hurt on one of those bastards. And at least two others I saw stepped up to the challenge.”

Other witnesses indicated at least three others were involved in the fight, supporting station security who unfortunately suffered significant losses with five officers and two civilians confirmed dead. Names are being withheld pending family notification. The others who stepped up to the challenge include two potential mutants, one employing some form of shadow manipulation and the other using light energy. Both are described as exceptionally distinctive, but no images were recorded due to the blackout. Another, seemingly normal woman got lucky and managed to use martial arts to take at least one, possibly two of the assailants out. All in all, at least five, possibly six persons were witnessed assisting security and doing so well. The civilians are said to have literally given them a standing ovation. Several prominent members of the crowed station, included Olympic gymnast Kelsey Vance who witnessed the whole thing had this to say, “It was just wonderful how they all just stepped in and helped out, when they were needed. They saved my life and the lives of all of us.” The sixth one was witnessed in the Navigation Bridge assisting some of the others as they engaged the fleeing attackers. The only description was, “water-like”. Several of the assailants did escape however. The identity of the stolen merchandise, if any was taken, has not been released.

Will this group of heroes set a trend? Unlike some zealous vigilantes and powered mutants who have in the recent past used their abilities to stop crime; these five (or six) went out of their way to avoid collateral damage and help the helpless. Not since Quantum have we seen such selflessness. No one knows if we will see them again, but this reporter believes that at least this new “Crusader” will be seen again.

5 thoughts on “Blackout and Terror Attack at G4! Mystery Heroes Save the Day!”

  1. Rumor has it that the team was seen helping a CTA Cutter go after some of the stragglers! How cool is that, banding together right off and doing the right thing! I’m proud to be human today. T.L. – Berlin

  2. Team? I didn’t think there was a team. I only thought this was a fortunate happenstance. Glad to hear they are trying to help. G.H. – Sojourner Station, Mars

  3. Couldn’t be them. I have it on good authority that the station was on some kind of lockdown for several hours due to potential bio-contamenents. Anyway, why would the SPs or the CTA for that matter trust them? Has to be something else going on. E.Y – Brisbane

  4. I was there working with a medical team. It was simply amazing. They stood up and fought the good fight. These guys, whatever their motivations, are the real deal. G.E. – Shackelton Station Prime

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