The Lune

Timeline: February 16, 2009

Rey set up a meeting with a Lune for the night when the half moon hung in the sky. This was also the final night of Anu’s gifts; none would be granted to the pack after this final night of the promised week. It was in the woods, when the half moon was high in the sky. The air was brutally frigid, though there was blessedly no wind in this heavily forested area.

Jesse had met Rey dressed in her own thick, fur coat. Few words were exchanged other than greetings, and then Jesse had looked up at the moon and pointed.

“It comes,” she’d said. Jesse left then, her task done. A shape seemingly made of shadows and moonlight descended seemingly upon moonbeams lancing through the white midnight forest. It was difficult to look at, harder still for Rey’s mind to grasp the form that this powerful spirit took. However, it was manifested here and now and it awaited her questions.

Rey’s first question was, “Is it possible for a spirit to separate itself from a mortal it has Claimed, even if both have been fully integrated.”

The answer that echoed in Rey’s mind was genderless, but it was clear. “Yes.”

Rey had then asked, “What can I do to become the best Lupa I can be for the pack?”

It’s answer was as honest as it was merciless. “You are not the best Lupa for the pack in your current form. Step aside mortal, for you have no spirit and try to claim dominion over those who are spirit. Luna does not approve.”

Rey’s mind reeled and she was crestfallen at the response. Her third and final question concerned her friends. “Do you know anything about Ramiel and Lyla’s curse, and is there anything Rey can do to help them,” she’d asked.

It’s response here was immediate as well. “These are not their names. If you speak of their curse, then you must speak their real names; Cambion and Shadowclaw. It is in these names you’ll find truth. But the truth is Mystery. Though we hear all secrets whispered under the light of the moon, we are not omniscient. I cannot tell you this secret because this curse stems from another world. But, I do know where you must go to find the answer to this question. You must summon the walker at the crossroads.”

The Lune then gave Rey specific instructions on how to summon such a being and how to make it answer her question.

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