Journal Of David Knight

Standard English Language Class Journal

We are supposed to keep a stupid journal for a stupid English language class to help us with our writing and help us to learn to express ourselves in the stupid written form. And we have to write something every stupid day. This is so gleeping lame.

My name is David Knight. I am from the planet Aurora, near the city of Eos, it’s a part of the Coalition of Free Worlds and it is the first colony of Earth.  They call it a “Spacer” planet.   My parents and siblings still live there.  My father is named Paul and my mother is Emily. I have a younger sister named Gabrielle and an older brother Scott.

Father is well into his 60’s but he looks as if he were only 30 if he was a Terran.  Some say it is due to advanced medicines and lack of stress, while others say that when the GenEngineers were cleansing our DNA of mutant genes they also tinkered, a little, to improve our life spans.   I don’t know what to think but I do know that Father was often quite stressed from his grueling 30-hour workweek, supervising the agro-bots on the plantation maintaining the family business. Though a small business, we make some of the finest Mehkir wine in the Selendra Valley.

I don’t consider our family rich and we were considered odd because my parents had so many children.   We only had 12 robotic servants and that’s if you include Fido and Tutor, barely 2 robots apiece when you come down to it, hardly enough to keep body and soul together really. But we have each other and that more than makes up for the slights of our age group. I must admit always having my peers tell me that they have “at least 5 body servants each” or what was the point of getting out of bed each day gets a little old after a while.  I didn’t count all the field bots when I was counting robots earlier because I don’t think it would be strictly honest.  I was just counting household bots that take care of us.  My favorite robot is a Mark III Jander series droid.

6 months later

I got in the habit of keeping a journal from my English Class, it really isn’t so bad now that I know only I will be reading this and it sort of helps me organize my thoughts and think about the day and what I could have done to make it better.   We are going camping this weekend so that should be supernova!

Sunday Evening

It was so weird. We were camping late Friday night, trying to get our astronomy badge and the sky lit up like fireworks with explosions and then it really looked like a super nova (not the expression!), the sky was as bright as day.  It looked like one of the fragments was heading right for us.  We watched it get closer and closer and then so bright we couldn’t keep watching.  The ground shook then the darkness returned but after the brightness we couldn’t see anything.  Kali said that he thought it landed to the west and we took off even though our troop leader, Mr. Anderson, yelled at us to stay.  I am so glad he made us leave most of our bots at home and rough it or they would have stopped us.  We were laughing and yelling, running through the dark night but I was the fastest and got there first.  I saw a crystal and it glowed like a bonfire but it was rapidly cooling and dimming.  I tripped over a rock or something and my hand fell onto it.  I thought that I would be burned and started to scream but it felt cool and welcoming, then all of a sudden it was like the time I grabbed a live wire when I was trying to fix Jander, then it was gone and my friends were yelling for me.

I started to get up and run to them when my feet slipped out from under me and I hit my head on a rock.   I got up and found my friends but I was really dizzy and was having trouble focusing.  When I found my friends they were all worried, little William started to cry but James told him to shut up and get Mr. Anderson. They sounded scared.  I said I was fine and was it raining because I kept feeling something wet on my face.  I was more than a little out of it at the time. Then I threw up. Kids were yelling and screaming and Mr. Anderson got there and the next thing I remember clearly, I was on the way home and I was in a full body cast.  It seems while I was out the troop practiced all the first aid bandages that they knew trying to immobilize me and because it was so nova to have a live patient and no bots to just do it for us. When I got to the medi-bot it told me that although all the bandages were adequately applied, I really had only scraped my head and the palm of my hand. It said that its initial tests were positive and I was in no danger but it wanted to keep me for overnight observation anyway, because I had had a pretty bad concussion.


It’s all over the news.  Quantum and Shard had a battle and the light from it finally reached Aurora.  The scout troop made the news as one of the witnesses to the event but I wasn’t shown in the picture because I was in the hospital under observation. They mentioned me along with a few other guys that were a part of the troop but weren’t able to go that weekend.

[ Possible news clip Scouts witness Stellar Battle ]


 Well its official my life sucks, while I was out camping, I caught some sort of flu bug and now I am quarantined AND still in the hospital, and I won’t even miss any school. They have a camera set up to record the classes and I can email my teachers if I have questions.  A lot of kids are doing it because they are not sure where this came from.

[Possible news clip Students Quarantined for mysterious disease ]

[Plague Terror strikes Eos])

1 month later

 Strange things have been happening around me since I got back from the hospital.  I keep having dreams of flying. Things seem to be moving on their own, I set something down across the room and when I turn to go get it and it has moved closer. I don’t know if I am going crazy or if one of my friends is playing games with me using some kind of grav manipulater…

2 months later

  I have instructed my Jander to keep a watch on me and run a recording of the environment around me. I have given him instructions to show the footage to no one but myself and to keep the records sealed. I am not sleeping very well at night and I have been waking up almost more tired than when I go to bed.

3 months

   The dreams and things have stopped.  The medi-bot says maybe the dreams and anxiety had something to do with the trauma I suffered on the camping trip or some lingering symptom from the flu I had.  I don’t know but at least the dreams have stopped.

6 months

The dreams have started again I have no idea what’s going on–its getting stronger but somehow I feel like its something that is supposed to happen and that everything is going to be alright.

7 Months.

Jander was acting strange and I couldn’t figure out what as wrong with him. He was really slow and kept freezing up.  It turns out that he had filled up all his available memory and had started wiping non-critical systems. I had forgotten my order to record; and since I had linked it with and order for secrecy he couldn’t go get maintenance or send the files offsite because it would violate his directive and they would see the recording. He didn’t even remember making a recording because I had sealed the records. I downloaded a few files at random time intervals and told him to erase the rest and stop recording me.  I told him that it was all right and he could forget about it and go in for maintenance.

10 months

I am almost done taking the college level classes and I was going through old files trying to see what I could save and what I wanted to get rid of. I found some that were secured. When I asked Jander about them he said he knew nothing about them.   I finally cracked the security on the files and started reviewing the footage.  It looks like Jander was recording me.  When I figured that out, I remembered what this must be.  I let it run for a little while in fast forward because it was sort of funny watching a young me, then I started noticing some anomalies. I couldn’t tell at first if it was a faulty camera or flaw in his lenses, but at times I appear glow, if only for a moment I would flash and then it would be gone.

16 Birthday, Gran helped me get my license to PILOT a Starship. It is so totally super nova all my friends are jealous.  It’s so I can come and go from the university a little bit easier.

I will have my Doctorate in Astrophysics soon and it somehow seems a little unfair to me when I stop and think about it.  I mean, I am a college graduate and can pilot a starship in space between worlds but I have to have a bot drive our speeder to the dance this Friday.


I have been assigned to work on Aurora’s moon base and do research by the (Aurora) Ministry of Science, nova to the max!

18 months

There was an accident.  My suit was holed when I was out adjusting one of the sensors. My multi-tool slipped and punctured it.  I could hear the air escaping, then I got this silvery glow around me and my suit was fine.  I know I didn’t imagine it. I have to find out what is going on inside of me.


I have tried to deny it, but its true–the evidence is clear, somehow my genes have become mutated.  I can fly and move things with my mind. I can’t tell anyone because of the shame it would bring my family; with our family history we would be shunned.  But I am sort of proud to be following in my ancestor Aura’s footsteps.


I have discovered that I have 2 flight speeds; surprisingly my faster speed (almost like a warp-field) seems to take less out of me.  The physics makes no sense. It seems as if I can project some sort of life support field. If I concentrate, I can create a defensive field around my body.  I have only begun to explore the things I can do.  I have learned to focus my energy in my hands and have created an energy burst.

I must leave soon before I am discovered. I have heard of an opening on the scientific exchange program with Earth-Gov… actually I have heard that they can’t get anyone to agree to go, so I am going to volunteer.  Perhaps among those of polluted genes, I will find others of my kind. I go to meet my future; I don’t think I can ever return.

20 and 3 months

I have begun to wonder if the crystal that I found so many years ago has anything to do with my powers. I think I have calculated where other crystals might be found or will soon be found. My figures can’t be exact but I have calculated a window. If I can swing it, I will try and to be assigned to a location in space where the crystallized Shard is going to appear but for now I just have to get away from here before my mutation is discovered.

20 & 6 months

I got the exchange position.  My credentials and a lack of other qualified volunteers made it easy.  I had to leave Jander behind when I first went to the Proxima observatory because of the weight limitations. Proxima’s observatory is about a centi-parsec from Proxima Centauri and is only named that because it is the closest object in a vast sea of nothingness.  However, because of the nothing all around it, it is an almost perfect place for an observatory.  The light pollution is low and it is away from the myriad distractions of more populated areas.   Some people find it quite confining but I found it a marvelous place to study and focus my thoughts, it’s also where my calculations have shown some more crystallized Shard may be found. I think if I can find an intact piece and study it, I may be able to learn things about my powers from it.

We were three months into our 6 month tour on the observatory when the event I have been waiting for occurred. One of the other scientists observed a minor impact on an asteroid nearby and since he wished to examine it more closely. Since I was one of the few people rated for the shuttle, he asked me to fly a party over to the asteroid; and party was the right word for it, everyone was in high spirits and looking for a chance to stretch their legs a little.  I think some of the scientists were just looking for an excuse to see something other than the observatory’s corridors; in any event, we took a shuttle over to the asteroid. Once we got there we spread out, each of us partnering with a field droid.  I was lucky and was the first to find the impact site. I saw a crystal like the one I had seen so many years ago and had the field droid run scans on it. It found nothing and I picked the object up with tongs. It seemed to me as if the object swam up the tongs and entered the face plate of my suit. I felt a surge of well-being, warmth and a feeling of joy.  My aura flared and then everything was back to normal but I felt stronger somehow.   I called the others over and showed then the crater and let them draw their own conclusions. Since no one else found anything or at least they didn’t report anything we all soon went back to the shuttle and were going back to the observatory under auto-pilot–which frankly is good enough that a pilot is a formality 999 times out of a 1,000…as it turned out, this was the thousandth time.  Something punctured the ship and damaged the controls; then we were hit again and again. A lot of the electrical systems shorted out and I blacked out.  When I woke up, the emergency lights were flashing, my suit was a little puffy and everyone else was unconscious, life support was off and I could hear the whistling of escaping air.  I was barely conscious and everything was spinning just like so many years ago. I remember pounding on the life support, willing it to work, when the air stopped escaping and my suit lost some of its firmness.  I didn’t know what was going on but I grabbed the controls and pointed the ship back home to the observatory.  We limped along, I willed us to get home and it felt like I was dragging the ship with me.  I felt myself getting weaker and the last thing I remember before I passed out again was flipping on the distress beacon, which should have gone off automatically but didn’t. 

A rescue party from a nearby Earth passenger ship seemed shocked when I answered their hail later. At first I didn’t know why. But later it turned out that more time had passed than I had realized and our life support should have failed.  The shuttle wasn’t the only thing hit.  The base itself took extensive damage with the majority of the crew in bad shape.

They said from the looks of the ship they thought we should all be dead in our suits.  I said that looks could be deceiving and to tow us the rest of the way to the observatory because the ship was responding sluggishly to the controls.  That’s when I found out about the base.  Luckily they had better emergency systems than the shuttle.  

They sent out some thruster droids, which latched on and got us back to the station; then everyone was evacuated to the passenger ship .  When I looked back at the shuttle, I saw why the others were so shocked… why they spoke the way they did, the whole back end of the shuttle was gone but she had still flown us home an’ kept us safe.

The ship that rescued us is taking everyone from the base and the shuttle who was injured back to Earth for (sigh) treatment and observation, just like the first time I encountered a crystal shard.

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