Journal Entry

Summary for Session 1, August 27, 2009

Metatide records:

What amazing luck! Admittedly it’s not all good luck of course, but still amazing. So there I was at Shakelton Station Prime, waiting for a transport back home from my vacation out to Alpha and there pops in Eberos! I hadn’t seen him since college and we just started to catch up when Sam arrived, too! Really amazing! When Eberos’ sister, Oriana returned from the restroom, it was like the old crowd from that semester in college was back together again. 

Of course, that’s when things got crazy. A medical emergency was raised and the station had to make ready all their medical people for an incoming ship from some station out in interstellar space. Apparently this station suffered a collision with a massive meteoroid and most people suffered decompression and other injuries. Sam and I volunteered to help with the injured as we were both trained in paramedical techniques. We’d only just get ready when the attack hit.

I guess there was a flash that really stunned people that happened first. I wasn’t in the lobby at the time, but most people were and they were hit hard. That included Erebos and Oriana. Then this team of men equipped with alien tech attacked. At first I didn’t know why. 

Crusader made an appearance then and immediately engaged the invaders. I ran to engage, too, and gave one of them a good kick. Suddenly, the ship that was moving to dock started careening away and things really went crazy. These guys had been shooting people left and right, and then I noticed they took out the guards of this Olympic gymnast named Kelsey.  (I recognized her from the news.) I engaged another armed man and kicked him so hard his weird alien tech suit broke. He was out cold but there were more on the way. Crusader intercepted, too, and defended Oriana and bystanders.

Holy cow! It turns out Erebos has some really incredible mutant powers based in shadowy darkness! Oriana was shooting light-based powers of some kind as well. Very strange and I never knew this about my friends. Then again, they never knew I was only a shapeshifter that looked like Lake Rain…

Then a chunk of starship hold and hull appeared and squashed another of the bad guys. I broke another suit. (Yeah! Lake Rain 2, bad guys 0!) Along with the chunk of starship hull was another man in a suit, though he looked injured. Also, there was this strange glowy guy. That one was helping us fight the suited commando freaks, though, so we all automatically decided he wasn’t there to hurt anybody.

When the dust settled, new guy told us about the point of this raid. They were after the Esper Guildmaster. Also, they’d been trying to capture or kill Kelsey, who is not only a gymnast and an Esper, but the daughter of a very rich and powerful man. The five of us then got a security card off a guard and we rushed to the nearest lift tunnel. We took Kelsey with us so we could protect her. I had to shape shift into the guard, or at least parts of him, to get the security door to open, so I kind of blew my cover in front of my friends, Crusader, and the new guy.

Mental note — Sam disappeared when Crusader appeared. Is it possible Sam is a hero, too? Incredible!

Anyway, I felt I just had to trust that my friends wouldn’t think the worst of me for hiding my abilities from them. It seems we all had hidden much from everybody. 

We ascended the shaft. Turns out most or all could fly, too! Not me, but my way was faster anyway. I got the top door open and then everything happened really fast. The Guildmaster’s office was a slaughterhouse. Bad guys had mowed down everyone and were apparently doing something to the Guildmaster woman. The new guy apparently had some kind of telekinetic power, which he used to grab her away from them and over to use. Crusader whipped out his little shield and put a dent in someone’s head. Then I stepped in front of everyone and toughened up, preparing for a serious hit back from the bad guys.

But they left. Every one of them.

Well, we had some pretty grateful people then. In fact, we received offers to work for the rich guy, Vance. It seems he was so happy his daughter was safe, it inspired him to act on some things he’d been thinking of for a while. Apparently, he wants to sponsor a team of super heros to work for the good of people everywhere, using laws such as the Good Samaritan Law, and the Bounty Hunter laws to help us get the job done that nobody else can do.

Why not? It sounds like we’ll be going to Neo York next to talk about this stuff and heck that’s home to me anyway. Vance seems nice, I like Kelsey, and of course getting to hang out with my friends is a huge bonus. What could possibly go wrong? I told him I was in.

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