I am Proximus

“My name is Proximus, I am here to help.  I believe there are some terrorists in your hold getting ready to attack the station. I need you to inform the captain that they are there and warn the station there are 4 groups. One is going to attack the Station’s Guild Director, another is going to try and retrieve something from Cargo Bay 6, and a third is targeting a girl as a backup objective. The fourth is securing their means of escape.”

“B-b-but sir where is Mr. Knight is he ok?” the flight attendant asked hesitantly.

“Mr. Knight will be fine as long as you do as I say. Call the captain NOW, I don’t have time for this.

The woman nodded and then went to the intercom, accustomed to following orders.  C-Captain there is a masked man here. Demanding to talk to you, and I think he has done something with Mr. Knight.

The captain’s voice soon roared out over the ships PA, who are you and what have you done with my passenger.

“Captain my name is Proximus.  There are some men in your hold getting ready to attack the station. There are 4 groups. One is going to attack the Station’s Guild Director, another is going to try and retrieve something from Cargo Bay 6, and a third is targeting a girl as a backup objective. The fourth is securing their means of escape.” The masked Stranger repeated.

“Look I don’t know who you are or what you think you are trying to pull but my instruments show that the hold is airless and the there are no life signs.

Captain you must get word to the station, attack IS immanent. Instruments can be jiggered to give false readings. You must do something.

Look we are too close for the long range radios to work and too far for the lasers to get a lock. We are in communications black out until we dock.

Captain I, someone must check out the hold. I can go warn the station. Where is your nearest airlock?

“Mary, go inspect the hold for this gentleman, you I am watching you, you just sit tight until station security can come and sort this out.”

If you value her life, send me first I can take a hit better I think.  What do you loose by trusting me? If I am wrong I will happily answer to the authorities but if I am right then we may avoid a disaster.

Ok we will pressurize and open the hold, you can go first. But station security will hear about this, we are on a mercy mission for God’s sake. What would terrorists want with us?

Proximus headset went off, “Master this is Janders backup head speaking, I have been activated because something happened to my primary head, accessing memory, downloading, downloading…

Proximus ignored Jander figuring he would see what was going on soon enough. He entered the hold and went to the section Jander was stored in, there he saw about 12 men who were talking about the upcoming raid.

Proximus strode boldly forward and called upon them to surrender. One laughed and the others started disappearing.  Proximus threw an area cosmic blast into the mix, hopping that he would get those going into stealth mode. But it only got the three visible members leading him to believe that the others had left somehow.

Proximus fired off an energy blast at another one but it disappeared and so the shot was harmlessly absorbed by the ships, wall. 

The third said something about having to leave and touched his wrist, he started to disappear but before he could, Proximus reached out with his Telekinetic power and ripped the control off his arm. Everything went black then and when the light came back they were somewhere else which was ok, unfortunately they had taken part of the ships wall with them, which fell on one of the attackers and forced the rest to dive for cover, using that as a distraction Proximus ran over to the bar and took cover. The one missing his controller took a shot at me but missed. I rested in place for a second then there was a blinding flash of light which I was lucky no to be looking at when it went off.  I picked up the ship wall and let it fall on two of the others that had managed to dive out of the way the first time. I think they didn’t even see it coming because of the flash.

A little slip of a blond girl ran over and kicked on in the face and his bio suit turned off and he fell unconscious. Just that fast the fighting was over but before we could do anything, the enemy troops started to disappear. The only traces left of them were the control in my hand and 2 unconscious enemy soldiers.

One of the by-standers started clapping and soon all the by-standers were yelling and cheering.

A costumed hero with a shield asked if I could bring the ship in because there was no power on the station and it had a big hole in its side. I said I thought I could then had an idea about seeing if we could power up the station tractor beam enough for the manual grapples to take over. I was able to find the equipment but I had no way to power them up so the guy with the shield that everyone has been calling Crusaider ask the blond girl that had been throwing light around to see if she could power it.   She did and the ship was pulled in. I told them it wasn’t over because there were other teams one had gone to cargo bay 6 and the other was after the guild director.  People over things; so we found and accessed a turbo lift and flew to the top because the power was still out.  

Once up at the top the girl that the others had protected Kelsie, said there were troops and death and the troops were leaving but someone was ready to kill the director.  The short little blond girl, Lake, opened the door. Eberos, the king of shadows tried to make the shadows grab the person that was standing over the director.  Crusaider threw his shield and it hit the guy and threw him across the room embedding him in an equipment console. I grabbed the director with my TK power and pulled her to safety. Then the enemies started to disappear again.

We all started to perform 1st aid on the victims. Just as everyone we could save was stabilized, some men wearing Earth Force uniforms came into the room telling us we were all under arrest.

The girl spoke up and said we were hero’s not terrorists and than we had tried to save the life of everyone in the room.   The soldiers asked our help down in the cargo bay. We helped stabilize those there and got the news on what had been stolen. Some sort of device that would change electricity into bio-energy to help the telepaths.

 Eventually we got everything sorted out and got a job offer. To continue to be able to make a difference and fight injustice, with support from a very wealthy man who was grateful to us from saving his granddaughter.  Someone calling himself Merrious made the offer for someone named Vance. Then all of us, got on a shuttle for Earth.

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