Formal Name: Sol II

Government Name: Venusian Colonies

Population: 30 Million

Brief Description:

Venus is an experiment in full terraforming. Fully 500 years into it’s transformation, it has an estimated 2500 years to go until it achieve an Earth-like enviroment. 300 years ago after hundreds of years of algae seeding, sulfer stripping and cometary bombardment, an area of the atmosphere 50 km above the surface became as Earthlike as anywhere in the solar system.

Huge floating factories, later becoming cities were built to travel the planet, refining the atmosphere, and exporting the skimmed raw materials and sending them offworld. Sulfer dumping on Io, CO2 to Mars, and more.

The slightly higher pressure and atmospheric thickness, with little assistance allows humans a certain bouancy in the atmosphere, that with the right equipment allow flight. Genetically modified plantlife has been created to take adavantage of this, with vast skyforests and algae fields floating. in a 10 km ‘life zone’ starting 40 km from the high pressure furnace below. Visitors are advised to take axillary air tanks and wear protective clothing when exposed to the outside air as acid rain and sudden oxygen poor zones are still a common problem for non-genetically modified species.

While the local Arboreal Clouds and Floating Cities stay well within the habitat zone, warning is given to any visitors to avoid traveling deeper into the atmosphere. To do so is to invite death, either from sulferic acid clouds, intense crushing pressure, infernal heat or more likely a combination off all of them. The artificial heaven carefully created by humanity over a thousand years is balanced by the perpetual hell below.

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